\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Rules


Obey the following:

  • You must remain In Character (IC) at all times.
  • You cannot use Out of Character (OOC) information IC nor should you take IC issues OOC. You also should not base IC interactions on OOC ones. Any information acquired outside of the game is OOC.
  • You cannot harass or abuse a player OOCly.
  • You may not take advantage of any part of the game that is not working how it is intended (e.g. bug abuse).
  • You must be at your screen when playing the game.
  • You may have two characters logged in at the same time as long as one is natural and one is supernatural. If you have multiple characters they cannot be allies. See the Alts page.
  • You may only possess one character in a core faction (Hand, Temple, Order). If you have one character in a core faction, you may not play any others in that core faction or any other core faction.
  • You may not give your account to any other player. Or transfer anything from one character to another in an OOC manner.
  • You should always use channels for their appropriate purpose. Newbie, aid, and mtalk are to help new players. Stell is to aid Story Runners in running scenes. General purpose chat should be done with the tell, Legends, or OOC commands. Please see OOC rules for details regarding OOC communication, behavior expected, and how to enable tell. The community credit help file will inform you how OOC and Legends can be acquired.
  • Never ask a player to use the command that's given in the OOC rules. Please refer them to the helpfile or wiki page if they wish to enable tells.
  • You may only have one account.
  • You may not earn RP experience, influence or karma through illegitimate roleplay such as using partially or completely prewritten or aliased emotes, or gibberish emotes when in a room with others.