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The Temple

This group is made of mostly non supernaturals, they believe that magic and supernatural forces are inherently damaging and should be removed entirely from the world. Most of their members are essentially supernatural hunters or soldiers, religiosity is also very common. Some of their members are extremely prejudiced, going so far as to hate all supernaturals, believing they are evil abominations who must all be destroyed. Some however are very compassionate, believing that being supernatural is not that person's fault, they deserve all the respect and kindness of anyone else, but still thinking that the world would be better served if supernaturals and their influence could be grandfathered out.

The Temple works to minimize or eliminate supernatural power on Earth. They oppose anyone becoming supernatural or growing in supernatural strength and try to limit when and how people can use supernatural power, particularly when using it for ill-ends. In the mainstream Temple killing of supernaturals is reserved only for those who do great harm and can't otherwise be stopped, but there are more radical subgroups.

Temple governments operate out of bunkers that they build under some house or other building that they own, warehouses are popular choices. They have a strict chain of command, with a Commanding Officer who makes the decisions and others after that. Their laws with regards to supernaturals are reasonable lax, only getting involved in more serious offenses, such as serious theft, assault, murder and so on. They are however significantly more diligent about crimes against humans by supernaturals, and almost any use of supernatural abilities against a human in a way that's negative for the human is likely an offense. They sit somewhere between the other two with regards to how willing they are to give permission or help, usually operating from a ruthlessly pragmatic perspective.

If someone is accused of breaking the law, they are subjected to a tribunal of three Temple officers to decide their case. They usually prefer corporal punishment, whippings, sometimes the loss of a hand or executions in serious matters.

The Strike Force is one of the most elite military groups in the world, and they have to be in order to contend with supernatural threats without supernatural powers of their own.

The Strike force prefers ambushes and sniping to open conflict, they are almost always looking to take the high ground and hold their shots for the right opportunity to make the biggest impact, usually targeting officers first. They most often deploy in modern military camouflage. When sniping isn't a viable option they prefer to set ambushes with land mines or razor wire. They are usually called 'mosquitos' by the other factions.

Intelligence are the eyes, ears and brain of the Temple, consisting largely of ex-intelligence agents and military intelligence officers.

Temple Intelligence tend to deploy in slightly modified civilian garb and provide support, scouting, and espionage during times of conflict. They particularly like to sneak in to place remote detonated explosives on key enemy assets, and detonate them right when the enemy most wanted to use them. They have a pronounced rivalry with the Hand's Shadows. They are usually called 'geeks' by the other factions.

Demolishers are known as the Temple's wrecking ball for when all subtly has gone out the window. Consisting of most of the Temple's supernatural members as well as others wielding dangerous experimental weaponry.

The Demolishers usually deploy with the heaviest weaponry and in stripped down military gear, with men often going topless. They aren't usually that well armored and carry such heavy weaponry as to render their mobility limited. In a direct firefire they rarely lose, but tend to perform poorly in confined areas. Amongst other factions they are generally known as 'freaks. '

The Temple first formed out of Israelite warriors in Canaan around 1400 BCE as a group dedicated to fighting against supernatural evils. While constantly persecuted and often seemingly crushed throughout history they always managed to spring back and reform growing in strength as they started to join with the newly burgeoning religion of Christianity and finally pushing the Hand back when Christianity was adopted as the state religion of Rome.

The Temple's influence grew slowly over time, being accelerated by technological and industrial developments but they were pulled into the great conflict of World War Two and were shattered into countless smaller groups in the aftermath. One year after the supposed defeat of Et-Aral however several in the supernatural community started advocating for greater cohesion, the need to return to larger, more powerful groups to safeguard the world and The Temple began to regather its strength.