\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Lore/Worlds


Haven is at the center of a soft spot between our world and others, the known other worlds are listed below.

The Other

Also known as the realm of the Fae. This is the world from which magic flows strongest and the one that is naturally closest to ours, it's aspects of the Other that infuse the shroud and creatures from there are the most likely to cross over. It is a world of strange forests and sweeping planes, filled with monsters, bands of wildlings and the fabled Golden City. The Golden City is where the Fae normally live, from a distance it is incomparably beautiful, shimmering like a golden diamond day or night. But nobody who has ventured close to it has ever returned.

The Godrealm

This is the place where the gods reside, it is also supposedly filled with monsters and wondrous things. No sane person would ever use gate magic to access this place, as the Gods often do not take kindly to such things and do not need bridges to travel to other planes themselves.


Hell used to be a world not unlike our own, but a long time ago a vicious war broke out between two groups of powerful sorcerers, and they turned to fleshforming to create living weapons to send to the battlefield. Creatures with no purpose but to kill, destroy and cause suffering. As the war progressed these creatures became more and more deadly until the sorcerers created creatures capable of creating even better creatures. From this point it wasn't long before the entire world was overrun by these living weapons, now usually called demons. Magic users from all other planes

sealed the doors between their worlds and hell, trapping them inside. But they are always there, and always looking for a way to cross over and carry out their only goal, to bring death, destruction and misery.

The Void

This is a place that even the forces of hell fear. The void is nothingness, a huge black vacuum. Far from lifeless however it is home to a myriad of mammoth Cthulian nightmares that float through the darkness and wait for millions of years in the void, always hungry. The creatures of the void have no known disciples on earth and nobody not entirely genocidal would ever open a door there, the entire world could be sucked through like opening a black hole or one of the creatures could come through and set about devouring our universe as they did their own.

The Wilds

The Wilds is a world not unlike how ours must have been a few million years ago, it is also the home of the wildlings, although they are often found in the Other as well far more exist in the the wilds. The Wildlings are humans who live in the Wilds, depending on the location they vary in sophistication from spear-wielding tribsemen to castle building kings. The Wilds is also home to amazing earth-like creatures, both animals that exist today as well as animals that did exist or present ones grown to a huge size. It is a place with wolves the size of houses, mammoths and even dinosaurs.

The Elemental Planes

These are worlds that are made entirely of a particular element, this is a water plane, a fire plane, a lightning plane and so on. Far from lifeless however these planes are filled with creatures made entirely from those elements, some primitive but some remarkably sophisticated and intelligent.