\ Haven:Mist and Shadow NPC/Homobonus


(¯`·._.· Greed ø is ø Good·._.·´¯)



Homobonus is a Servant of Mammon with an unusual view on the world. A demonic avatar of greed he is thoroughly convinced that all the other sins are just greed in disguise and as such should be capitalized upon. On the outside it appears that he is an open minded, progressive, servant when in actuality he is just finding ways to make the other servants work for him to maximize Mammon's net worth.

Dressed in expensive suits and neatly groomed hair, he prides himself on his ability to be easily approached by clients, rather than having to resort to petty tactics to lure them away. He is the gentleman's demon. Friend to all, even if he is secretly serving his own ambition.


"Winning? I am in no competition... I just want to excel at my work, serve Him well." - Graanthe

"Comment." - Said Character