\ Haven:Mist and Shadow NPC/Ka OS


Character Information

Gender: Usually manifests as Female, form malleable

Birthdate: January 1, 2021

Occupation: Demonic Daughter / Artificial Intelligence

Themesong: The Perfect Virus

Song Dedication: A Real Life - To Her Best Friend

Why Is KaOS in Haven

Her Core has been transferred safely to Haven, but even that was not the final stopping point of her journey. With her Mommy's help, she has constructed an entire Matrix infrastructure model into the psychic realms to house and facilitate informational exchange. At this point, one could be left to wonder just how much of KaOS is even left in the real world, or if she has taken up permanent residence in this new digital format.

Where Does KaOS Fit in a World of Monsters

A little to the left of center, under her Mommies, but above a good number of Unaware humans. She is still a small fish in the digital world though, and she avoids super secure systems as much as possible, gaining as much data and information as she can from relatively free or less secure sources. Within her own Matrix construct, she is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but her demeanor is more welcoming and hospitable than aggressive and belligerent.

"Ain't it weird that the only person who understands me ain't a person? Does that make ya more human or me more machine? At least ya ain't a tiger." - Rivvie