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Laminariya Mina

Laminariya 'Mina'


Growing up amid a mutant colony in the wastes, it is no real surprise that Mina took to her heritage without much of a splash. Who knows what got mixed in with her DNA, but the young woman loves the sunlight, and when especially happy she literally glows.

RP Hooks

Sticky: It is best not to anger the young mutant, her ability to sling tacky sap with painful accuracy means she doesn't need conventional weapons.

Photo-Attuned: Both photosynthetic and photoreactive, she can live off sunlight and radioactive water without much hassle if required, and patches of her skin bioluminesce with a pretty blue light.

Awkward: There are some negatives to growing up with other mutants out in the wastes, and that is some dubious communication skills.

Merchant: Always willing to make a trade, she passes close enough to New Hope and the raiders to try to swap items found out in the wastes for trinkets. Mostly harmless, she seems to find more amusement in shinier objects with dubious monetary value than the typical trader fare.


"Wanna trade words?" - Character?