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The Neverborn take on many guises, but none are so at odds with their true nature as Pandora's glamorous appearance. Pandora uses her youthful, genuine demeanor to walk the City’s streets undisturbed, thus enabling her to pursue her dark and terrible agendas without molestation. She carries with her an ancient box which remains firmly sealed until she is ready to release its contents. Even while the box is closed Pandora sometimes whispers to it, cocking her head to one side to listen to voices no one else can hear. Opening the box unleashes pandemonium, twisting sanity until the lines of reality blur into inconsequence.

Pandora became a thrall of the box for a short time, serving as a conduit. Her previously shaky sanity was further compromised by her experience. Her maliciously mischievous side has warped into a sadistically cruel streak which can rear its ugly head at any time. Even her pet Woes know better than to stay too close to their mistress when the mood strikes her. They have seen firsthand the damage the box is capable of wreaking on even their sullied existence.

Now Pandora is a force of suffering in all of Malifaux. Walking the edges of consciousness and feeding upon the terrible anguish of the populace. Unlike Lilith, she has little desire to see humanity cast from Malifaux, as they are delicious treats for her macabre whims.

Where Pandora walks, hope dies.


"I fear... turning into one of you." - Jason?

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