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A Shattered Empire


Thirty years have passed since the death of the Emperor split the Empire into a number of splinters, each ruled by a former Admiral or General turned warlord.

As the remnants of the Empire feuded amongst themselves the Rebel Alliance re-established the democratic Republic and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity in the central systems. Luke Skywalker founded a new order of Jedi Knights who once again became the guardians of peace and law in the galaxy.

Yet all was not well, in the collapse of the Empire the Emperor's vault, the greatest collection of dark side knowledge ever collected was pillaged, and the dark side secrets sold on the black market. Despite the best efforts of the new Jedi the galaxy became flooded with dark side knowledge and self-trained Sith acolytes began to appear everywhere. Many joined up with the fragments of the Empire, some of them even becoming leaders, others proliferated throughout the underworld, using their power for personal wealth and glory as criminals.

The Republic's stringent rules and policies and protections designed to prevent another dictator from ever arising handicaps them from effectively pursuing Empire funded terrorists and domestic criminals and crime flourishes across the core systems. Battles between Jedi and Sith in seedy back alleys over smuggled spice shipments or other contraband become more and more common as the fragments of the Empire loom ever larger on the horizon, looking for their opportunity to unite and once again cover the galaxy in darkness...


A Shattered Empire is set up with very loose guidelines with regards to stats and rules and a pretty open lore. You are encouraged to use the framework to create your own Star Wars stories, some ideas could be.

Jedi investigating criminal Sith Activity. Land or Space battles between the Republic and the Empire in the neutral zone. Empire agents carrying out espionage against the Republic. Empire fragments fighting/feuding with each other. Jedi and/or Sith seeking out forgotten knowledge of the Force in the outer rim worlds. Criminal characters pulling off heists or smuggling runs. Bounty Hunters going after designated targets. Dancing to sweet Cantina tunes.

As a general rule it's preferred to set your intro to your character's name to make for more easily understood RP, but this is ultimately up to you.



Force Sensitive:Determines your character's attunement with the force. No other force stat can be higher than your force sensitivity.

Lightsaber Dueling: How good your character is fighting with a lightsaber. Roll this stat to determine who'd win any round of lightsaber combat.

Force Lightning: Dark side only, how good a Sith is at using force lightning. Can be substituted in for any other type of attacking roll.

Telekinesis: Using the force to attack people telekinetically. Can be substituted in for any other type of attacking roll.

Force Acrobatics: How good your character is at flipping around like a ninja, might be rolled for particularly difficult or contested acrobatic actions.

Bolt Deflection: How good is your character at deflecting blaster bolts, roll against blasters skill to determine if you get shot or not.

Mind Control: How good your character is at influence the mind of the weak, roll to compel NPCS or to influence PCs in more subtle ways.


Piloting: How adept a pilot your character is, use this in space combat when the ship's relative power is close. i.e. The more powerful ship is less than twice as powerful as the weaker one. Or use for any general space maneuvers or feats.

Ship Power: How large and powerful your ship is, use it for space combat when there's a significant difference in the two ship's power levels. i.e. the more powerful ship is at least twice as powerful as the weaker one. Or use it for any brute force attacks such as bombarding a planet. 1-4 Fighters, 5-10 corvettes, 11+ War ships, 50 Star Destroyer.

Ship Speed: How fast your ship goes, roll to escape from other ships or in any situation requiring speed.


Blasters: Used to determine skill with blasters, roll to shoot people, roll against someone else's blasters to determine who wins a combat round.

Slicing: How good your character is at hacking computer systems to obtain information or override door locks.

Armor: How well armored your character is when in combat. Armor rarely seems to help much in Star Wars but might be of aid against explosions, shrapnel or environmental hazards.

Stealth: How good your character is at sneaking around or accomplishing other tasks such as pick pocketing or eavesdropping.

Character Roster

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Captain Varex? Lady Diamia Reaverus? Jedi Talia?
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