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Dark Castle


For several years, the lord of Troutback, the people's beloved leader, has not been seen leaving his cathedral since his wife and daughter were lost to an illness of the body. The cathedral, that used to play such beautiful music that was home to their lord. His name? Dracula. Along with their lord missing, the lovely music has stopped. Light has forever shed from that now unholy place. A place of darkness, the music of life now replaced with nonstop organ music that haunts the citizens of Troutback to the very core. Not only that, but the screams of someone new can be heard every night echoing from these now dark, vine covered hallways. Monstrous figures come and go from the castle to terrorize the citizens of Troutback. It is for this very reason that a great wall has been built to keep these grotesqueries out of the town, and out of the world. While it slows down these monsters, certainly... still sometimes a few manage to break through and grab someone new.

New adventurers come in every day, hearing tales of this foreboding castle, hoping to either obtain riches the Lord Dracula might have left behind, obtain glory... or simply push back the darkness.

But beware, heroes, for villains lurk in the darkness. And the darkness will undoubtedly push back.


Citizen: 0 You're a human citizen of Troutback. You want nothing to do with the accursed halls of Dracula's castle, although perhaps sometimes curiosity will get the better of you and you'll go past the Great Wall of Troutback. Although you probably shouldn't explore anything beyond the first floor of the castle, and even that's dangerous.

Explorer: 1000 You are a human explorer that heard tales of this forbidden place, Dracula's castle, perhaps from a tavern or somewhere similar. You wish to obtain riches, glory probably, or maybe you just have an altruistic heart. Whatever the case, you're here. You know how to use basic firearms, the most basic of gadgets created by a tinkerer, and some melee combat. You have an attention for detail, however. The sharpest eye, the only thing that can match your perception is a Rogue. Bastards.

Minor Demon: 1000 You are a minor demon. A goblin, an orc or something human sized or less. You have natural growths to help you fight, the sound of your roaring can frighten most people and disturb them. You serve the darkness that infects the organs of Dracula's castle.

Guard: 5000 You're a guard of the town. That's your duty, to protect the town and it's citizens, and push back the unholy creatures that exit the cathedral before they get past the Great Wall. You use the Wall mounted machinery which packs quite the punch, although sometimes they break down and an Engineer has to fix it. When patrolling the town, you have melee combat at your disposal, and firearms. And you have numbers at your side, as well. But your duty is to guard the town. You don't care about the halls of Dracula's castle and the mountains of untold riches it probably holds.

Vampire: 5000 You're a vampire, you need blood to grow in power but not necessarily to survive. It doesn't even need to be human blood. You can be with the darkness or against it, and you hold some minor demonic power. You have speed on your side, enhanced strength. Shapeshifting. Sensing someone's weakness.

Demonic Guard: 5000 You're a skeleton or a minor demon of some sort... in armor! That's pretty much the only difference between you and a minor demon. You stay back and guard the castle, unlike the rest of the demonic figures that hold alliance with the darkness that come and go as they please. You also get some melee weaponry training as well as the armor, along with your growths.

Tinkerer: 10000 You are a Tinkerer. A thinker. An inventor. You are the driving force behind advancement. You get access to all of these different, advanced gadgets along with the minor ones. From flashbang grenades to tesla guns, you have a wide arsenal at your desposal. Including an automaton, one of your best creations. The pinnacle of tinkery. You can also repair the Wall, the damaged weaponry on the wall, and the gadgets that Hunters use. You hate them rogues, however. A lot of people do. Blasted thieves. Slippery... slick... dashing ladies and gentlemen. Like explorers and various other adventurers, you're either here for the gold or some noble cause.

Lord: 50000 Congratulations, you're a Lord! Nobility of Troutback, or some other town. You have influence. You have money. You have men. You have advanced training. With all of these, comes a very special toy- the blessed weaponry. A Lord's choice of weapon. It stings demons and vampires, really, really stings depending on the strength and can even outright kill the weaker echelons. Males only.

Lady: 50000 You are a Lady- the female variant of a Lord. But you don't use the Blessed weaponry. No, female royalty have something better. Something odd about royalty is that women are much more connected to magic than men. So you get destructive and defensive powers, alongside your own private garrison.

Rogue: 30000 You are a seasoned adventurer, been world-trotting for a few years... or you're just that damn good. Everybody either wants to be you or wants to knock you senseless. And you know it. You're one smooth talking, dual wielding, cheap-trick using sonuvabitch.

Demonic General: 80000 You're human sized or larger. Most likely... you're massive. Or can be massive, with your shapeshifting capabilities. You have a penchant for cruelty, command legions of Lesser Demons, and you're just an all out beast. Your role is to lead assaults, and take revenge against a world that took something valuable away from your Lord, no matter the cost.

Hunter: 100000 You're a Hunter. An Outcast, somehow, you've managed to pull a very powerful demon's power into yourself. This makes people afraid of you. This makes demons afraid of you. Even a Lord or a Lady won't look you directly in the eye. You have strength, unlike any other. Your reflexes are terrifying, you run so fast... you're just all around a scary person. And your hatred of demons runs very, very, very deep.