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Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead


The eyes of the world have been glued to Kanaka Island for the past month following the outbreak of a previously unknown pathogen. Signs of the virus include constant shaking, golden sclera, fatigue, fevers, and finally seizures before the virus takes over, turning one into a rabid monster. It is not yet clear what has caused this gruesome affliction. The United Nations have quarantined most shortly after the outbreak.

The global relief efforts and steady stream of supply drops has sustained the few survivors that remain on the island. The Ministry of Defense believes more radical action should be taken to stem the tide of this virus. The question is: are there still non-infected survivors on the island? And if so, will the Ministry still go through with the stated plan to annihilate the island, in an attempt to wipe-out the Kanaka virus once and for all. Whether by way of the virus or the Ministry's plan, one thing is certain: Kanaka Island's days are numbered.

There are plenty of groups to affiliate yourself with, each coming with their own perks and disadvantages, although that is not to say you can?t make one for yourself.


Warden: 20000 Leader: Salvatore Lorenzini, A prison warden, he rules the prison in the city of Kanaka next to Kanaka Resort with an iron fist. The prisoners and the prison guards have banded together to keep the prison a well defended fort, although the prisoners who refused to reform their ways were promptly executed or tossed out. Life will be very safe living with Salvatore, but it won?t be comfortable. They view themselves as the local authority, at least within city borders. Salvatore is determined to return law and order to this now chaotic island. To make himself a leader. Most people outside of this group will be treated with suspicion, or as a citizen of Salvatore?s grand vision. If you were with him, you were likely a guard, a prisoner or a visitor, but not readily accepted. Also local law enforcement that still care about upholding the law. If you?re an outsider, you will either have proven yourself, or have to prove yourself if you?re with the Wardens, or you?re being forcefully conscripted. Salvatore wants to destroy the Savior?s research because this is his island now. And nobody will take that away. Although the Wardens usually can?t close in between the snipers the Saviors have, the millions of undead and various other problems. The Resorters are viewed with suspicion, although he won?t have his group go out of their way to take them down, since they seem harmless. The Ravagers are HATED by Salvatore and the Wardens. It?s open warfare between these two groups.

Savior: 10000 Bart Da Silva, originally a thief. He has 9 people living with him in the astronomy lab at the top of a mountain very near Kanaka Resort. They?re very suspicious of outsiders, but the lab is almost as safe as the prison, although they?re not quite as well armed as the Wardens. They?re working desperately with the scientific equipment they have up there. Typically, a Savior will be medically inclined, know how to pick locks thanks to Bart?s knowledge. Most of his group were at the astronomy lab when the virus broke out. Scientists, tourists, security, part of Bart?s gang. Most people that approach will be treated with hostility. If you approach them and are an outsider, you best know the password or you will likely be shot. Everyone is viewed just about the same, suspicious. Although Ravagers will be shot, and the Wardens will be shot.

Resorter: 0 Samantha Burke, the hotel manager of Kanaka Resort, her group holed up in the hotel near the beach. They?re great scavengers, and don?t have to worry about running out of food and water any time soon. The hotel is pretty roomy, can fit probably dozens of people. It?s quite defendable from the undead. Again, not quite as well armed as the Wardens, but if a horde were ever to break into the place, the problem would be solvable with a quick flick of a few switches in the security room, sealing the floor off. They?re just people trying to survive. Typically, a Kanaka Resorter is either one of the wealthy patrons of the resort, staff, or a scared civilian that they welcomed into their open arms. Although there?s rumors that it?s something of a cult, with Samantha as their leader. Life will be very comfortable as a Resorter. If you?re not a hedonist when you join them, by the seventh day, you are, and you?re addicted to the new drug they?ve been making in the basement in a seemingly never ending supply. Somehow, bites from the infected don?t seem to effect the addicted. The Wardens are brutes, the Ravagers are brutes, the Saviors, well. They?re okay, as long as they keep to themselves.

Ravager: 0 Lionel Ramirez. A vicious gang leader, at war with the Wardens along with the undead. It?s an anarchical society that he wishes to build. People with Ramirez can be expected to be well armed and to be just as vicious as their leader. They?re held up in an office building that?s just as well guarded as the Warden?s prison is. A member of this group is typically a crook that isn?t looking to change their ways any time soon, a survivor that?s willing to do anything to survive. An outsider will likely be robbed, killed, raped, or forcefully inducted. They would absolutely love to get their hands on either the riches within Kanaka Resort, although they?re kind of spooked by the people inhabiting it with their drug or the cure that the Saviors are working on, although they typically won?t bother a Savior if it?s made known, and proven, that a person is a Savior. ?At least until they get a cure going on.

Predator: 100000 Predators are zombies that have evolved somehow into intelligent creatures. They're very cunning, very fast. Very strong. Especially so during the night. It will take lots of thinking and planning to take on one of these monsters, especially a group of these monsters.