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Hippie Haven

Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston or Brown University. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies, as well as the odd hiker or commuting university student.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings it is protected and fought over by three powerful, secret factions.

Right after the Summer of Love, the country is filled with flower children, young people sporting hippie fashions of dress and behavior, that, once the summer ended, returned to their towns, many to their colleges, but never forgetting, and even more embracing the Hippie culture.

Fifty years in the past, this Haven has its own monsters, societies, alliances and plots to deal with...


Since the destruction of the Gate, the nightmare is inacessible, and pathing no longer possible.

If you want to have your society taken into account on plots, please petition information about it, or otherwise add it to the this wiki page.

Known Societies

Society Society positions Joining method Current alliance Current leader

The Red Fire


Moderately Material

Moderately Combative

Moderately Autocratic

Moderately Unlawful

This society is closed, and you must be recruited to it The Amnesia alliance


The Morai

moderately Combative

This society is open to being joined The Thread alliance



December 1967: One way or another, word starts spreading out through those in a society that the reason why most of the country - particularly on Haven - seem to feel that the United States has been having the upper hand in the war in Vietnam is due to supernatural mind controlling tactics being used by one of the societies currently present in town. For what purpose, by whom, or how to stop it? It's up to those interested to figure out...

January 1968: After breaking the New Year's truce, the People's Army of Vietnam, communist forces are now currently shelling out several district and provincial capitals in South Vietnam, trying to occupy them. Supernatural forces have been aiding on the war efforts in both sides.

February 1968: Surprising most of the world, but not a few societies in Haven, the North Vietnamese launched a wave of attacks in the late night hours of 30 January in the Tactical Zones of South Vietnam. This early attack did not lead to widespread defensive measures. In the next morning, the main operation begun, country-wide and well coordinated. The war is now escalating.

March 1968: Movements happening on the night between months have placed the North Vietnamese Special Forces 'on the move', even if their plans or destiny are at this point unknown. Supernatural forces with an interest in this conflict, on both sides, see this as an opportunity to further their goals.

April 1968: American bombers halted further aerial bombardment of those portions of North Vietnam that were north of the 20th parallel, an area which included Hanoi and Haiphong. Missions continue for the remainder of the country, between the 17th parallel and 20th parallel. The influence of the Red Fire society on this decision is clear to the supernatural world, but the reason isn't evident.

16 July 1968: Everyone in the large area surrounding and including Haven seems to have suffered from collective amnesia, not recalling anything since the beginning of May. This amnesia has also affected all supernatural beings, in the world and beyond, including those in other physical worlds like the Wilds and Hell, and even the Fantasies from the dreamworlds. While word starts to spread out about the extent of the amnesia, war and chaos spreads in the supernatural worlds, as many accuse and attack others for being the culprits.

20-23 July 1968: An extraordinary Venice Council meeting happened, where a vampire called Demarmenus accused Morpheus of having meddled with the 'thread of life', once its son Clover told the Council that his father didn't lost his memories of the period others seem to have forgotten. The council decided that three different alliances would be formed: the thread alliance, for Demarmenus' supporters, the amnesia alliance, for Clover's supporters, and the neutral alliance, for those not wishing to take sides. From the most well known Haven societies, The Red Fire joined the amnesia alliance, while the Templars Of Dawn joined the neutral alliance.

26 July 1968: Word spreads quickly that a new society, The Morai, has appeared, and aggregated all the previous societies that belonged to the thread alliance. Its leader, it seems, is named Clotho. Demanerus is rumored to be dead. Whispered rumors say that Blackfield might not be staying impartial this time around.

27 July 1968: In the last twenty four hours, surpernatural war escalated, and the body count is so big that a number hasn't been estimated yet. Haven and all the surrounding forest is on fire. Everyone will feel differences and eventually realize an astonishing thing: the Gate has been destroyed. People are now trying to figure out what does that mean, or what are the implications of this.

30 July 1968: Morpheus? Dead. The Morai? Dead. The multiverse? Everything that had remained from it - until today - was Earth, but, it seems, in it also the Gods that wished to see their fight to the end, whatever the cost. Knowledge still floods those who are still alive in the planet. It seems that death, in a way, was already inevitable once Clotho's spindle was destroyed, and new life stopped being able to be concieved, or when Lachesis and her rod were buried, and life could no longer be measured. Still, it was Atropos and her scissors who had the power to cut the thread and bring death to each of human's lifes. Perhaps it was Fate's last trick. Penelope did kill Atropos, and death itself, but, with the Goddess fall, so the scissors slip from her fingers and fall into the ground, shattering like glass. And, with the shattering of the scissors, also the shattering of every remaining signs of life on Earth.