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Islands Of Adventure

Islands of Adventure

It is the height of the Age of Sail, a time of swashbuckling and adventure across the world's seven seas. One stands among them as the most perilous of all. One hundred years ago, the agents of His Majesty the King discovered a new chain of tropical islands, rich in resources, mystery, and danger. These are the lands of the Lirrigan Archipelago, commonly referred to simply as the Isles. Completely devoid of native humans, these islands nonetheless contained the ruins of an ancient kingdom, its vanished people once well learned in magic and mysticism. Every last one of them perished in some mighty cataclysm many years ago. Their loss was the world's gain. On the bones of their civilization, the Kingdom of Valendia established colonies to grow the sugars, spices, and exotic fruits that its capital demands.

It was not long after that when the pirates came, seeking the riches of these crown colonies. Men and women without a care for order or for law, who would sooner take their fortune at the edge of a blade.

And after them came the treasure hunters: folk who braved the ruins of the Old Kingdom for magical relics, uncaring of the rumors of ancient curses. Some of these unraveled the secrets of old and became known as Beyonders, for their power to peer into the spirit realm and draw power from that which lies beyond.

The closer one sails to the center of the Isles, the closer one draws to the Maelstrom, the source of the curse that shattered the kingdom of old, rich with promise and accursed by madness.

On this stage, adventurers and swordsmen vie for fame, power, and, glory.

The World

The Islands of Adventure dreamworld is themed around romanticized pirates and swashbuckling adventure, with a dash of supernatural dread. Most folk have little contact with the secrets of the old world, and the setting is superficially similar to the 17th-18th century age of colonization and exploration.

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