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London Mist And Shadow

London: Mist and Shadow


The year is 1891.

The Hand has controlled the British Empire for centuries in the shadows. The rise of science has weakened their rule significantly, but they still pull the strings behind the scenes. Fortunately, the Crown has become aware there's a shadow government and has created the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs in an effort to ensure the various extranatural organizations of the Empire are behaving.

This psychic realm was created by a powerful Fae or God who caused one of the largest temporal shifts in history, throwing various individuals from the Ministry into the modern age while a psychic realm manifested, one that mirrors our own but split off from history.

This strange phenomenon has resulted in many dreamers finding themselves in this alternate reality, manifesting versions of themselves as if they were born in Victorian London, 'possessing' the minds of those who existed then, or accidentally spawning new psychic identities altogether.

In 1891 London, the Hand is in a cold war with the Ministry over controlling London. The Hand is at war with a powerful faction called the Dynasty that seeks to end its growing expansion. The Order assists the Ministry in secret, while the Temple operates underground, trying to lessen the control of both. Jack the Ripper is at large, identity unknown, though many claim to be him or copy his modus operandi.


Human: 0 There are thousands and thousands of humans in London. Most are only able to rise up to Tier 2, but the occasional human makes it to Tier 3 and rarer still, some have been able to reach Tier 4 or 5. Humans have no supernatural abilities save for the occasional psychic.

Angelborn: 40000 Angelborn are the descendants of angels, slaves created to serve the Gods. Angelborn tend to be prettier than normal people, have a fascination with fire and daydream of flying. Their bones are less dense than the other supernaturals and they're incredibly easy to manipulate, as they are slaves to the desires of others. The tears of angelborn make a potent love potion.

Demigod: 40000 Demigods are the distant descendants of Gods, and therefore tend to live longer than most supernaturals other than the undead. They often have sturdier builds and are usually stereotypes to whatever culture they originate from. Older demigods sometimes have silver eyes. Sexual intercourse with demigods tends to halt one's aging process temporarily, making their lovers live as long, even longer than they do.

Demonborn: 40000 Demonborn are the result of demonic pacts made by parents or ancestors. Some demonborn, though rare, happen to be the distant descendants of demons. Demonborn, whether they like it or not, happen to enjoy the suffering of others. This sometimes improves their mood greatly, relieves stress, causes a high or even arouses them. Demonborn blood is highly flammable. Older demonborn tend to develop red eyes, and are feared even among supernaturals.

Faeborn: 40000 Faeborn are the distant descendants of Fae. They tend to look prettier than humans do, and their features are often more delicate. Faeborn have trouble connecting with other people, and often act on impulse and self-indulgence. Keeping a Faeborn captive makes one luckier. Older Faeborn tend to become more Fae in appearance, their hair tends to change to colors that no human can hope to achieve naturally.

Vampire: 40000 Vampires are undead beings that have supernaturally been preserved, and can control their bodily functions to give them a semblance of life. To maintain this preservation or return to the state they were in when they were turned, they must keep a steady diet of human blood. Vampires can survive off animal blood, but doing so makes them significantly weaker. Vampire blood is a powerful aphrodesiac that makes one vulnerable to suggestion. Vampires are unique in that they easily can live for longer periods of time than any other supernatural.

Werewolf: 40000 Werewolves are supernatural beings who can transform themselves into wolves that are incredibly large and powerful. During the full moon, werewolves are much more likely to change and have little sanity, some even give in to the beast within and go on rampages, killing all in their path. Survivors tend to end up as werewolves as well. The less a werewolf assumes wolf form, the more they're able to resist the pull of the moon.

Arcanist: 40000 Arcanists can be any of the other supernatural archetypes, but have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of magic, allowing them a more versatile powerset at the expense of physical might. In 1891, the Red Circle and Black Circle of arcane society reign in London, but the Coven live on the outskirts, utilizing powers that would make both Circles green with envy.

Wight: 40000 A Wight is a creature who was brought back to life through science or the most foul of magics. Wights decay at the same rate any corpse does, but can halt this decay by feeding on the flesh of sapient creatures. Wights are more resilient than other supernaturals in that they feel very little pain, if at all. Many wights are creatures of impulse and gluttonous appetites, as they know their existence is short.

God Child: 200000 God Children are half human and half God. Their eyes are gold and they tend to be arrogant and prideful, though they usually have the sheer power to back this arrogance up.

God Children are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Fae Child: 200000 Fae Children are half human and half Fae. Their hair is a color that humans can only dream of getting usually, and they tend to have little love or concern for others, instead adoring games or even the suffering of lesser beings.

Fae Children are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Freed Angel: 200000 Freed Angels were once the slaves of a God, or still are and merely have been given the agency to act independently as long as they fulfill whatever task their God has given them. Unlike their angelborn descendants, due to the golden collar Freed Angels wear, they are immune to the desires of others and only a slave to their own desires. However, should their collar ever be removed, they are a complete and utter slave to everyone around them.

Freed Angels are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Demidemon: 200000 Demidemons are half human and half demon. They have become so twisted by their psychic corruption that they look inhuman and monsterous, and usually have incredible power and ability that most supernaturals can only dream of. They are truly evil, reveling in destruction.

Demidemons are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Ancient Werewolf: 200000 Ancient Werewolves are as old as even Gods, Demons and the Fae are, and while they are not as powerful as those three groups, they are still more than force to be reckoned with. Time has made them lose pigmentation in their hair, and they are creatures who are so attuned to nature that the Age of Industry has led them to start emerging from their homes to destroy or conquer.

Ancient Werewolves are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Ancient Vampire: 200000 Ancient Vampires are incredibly old and incredibly powerful creatures, often spiteful, overly passionate or emotionless. They require much more blood to feed than weaker vampires but are able to halt their decay by sleeping for long periods of time. Most Ancient Vampires are the founders of many of the courts, if not the rulers of them, and are treated with respect by the supernaturally aware.

Ancient Vampires are automatically Tier and Faction Rank 5.

Fae: 500000 Fae are powerful creatures who can bend the laws of reality. The affairs of all other beings do not matter to the Fae, they want only to play with or prey on all other beings. They have a very, very loose society and the most elite and powerful come from a place called the Golden City, a metropolis in another world that no one ever escapes.

Fae, for all intents and purposes, are Tier 6.

God: 500000 The Gods are immensely powerful supernaturals who once took a great interest in the affairs of our world but have long since lost it. They are worshipped, though even that has faded for them over the years. They live in the Godrealms, who's sweeping landscapes are almost extensions of their very beings.

Gods, for all intents and purposes, are Tier 6.

Demon: 500000 The Demons are so deadly and evil that even the Gods and Fae fear them, enough that they locked the Demons away. Hell is their home now, and they are in constant war with one another as they try to perfect themselves into the ultimate weapons. Should an Archdemon ever escape Hell, the results will be catastrophic. In London: Mist and Shadow, it's possible this may have happened, and the Demon is simply lying in wait to make its move.

Demons, for all intents and purposes, are Tier 6.

Nightmare Creature: 200000 Nightmares are massive or incredibly dangerous creatures from psychic realms and the dreams of others, come to life. They can be any shape or size and are typically very deadly.

Nightmare Creatures, for all intents and purposes, are Tier 5.