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Z Universe


Welcome to the Z Universe, where warriors train, martial artists attend tournaments, and superpowers battle over the coveted dragon balls. It's a carefree version of Earth, most of the time, until the skies are darkened by the figurative shadow of a prime evil. A world without villains is sure to flourish, but stagnate, and in time, a villain will arise. But a world without heroes... Shall perish. Which role will you take?

This is a dreamworld based on the Dragon Ball Z anime, not GT, not Super. We are entering into our equivalent of the Saiyan Saga, only with all original characters. Anyone rolling in with a legacy character will be subject to the dreamgod's fancy.


Earthling: 0 You were born on Earth. Maybe you're a human, or some kind of mutant with three eyes, or an anthromorphic pig. In any event, you too have the potential to be a great warrior, whether it be in the name of good or evil.

Namekian: 5000 You, or your ancestors, were born on the planet Namek. You hatched from an egg that your father regurgitated. You are bald, green-complected, and have small antennae that come out of your head. Your limbs regenerate when destroyed, but it takes some effort and concentration.

Android: 10000 You weren't born, you were built. Likely a product of the Red Ribbon Army, you were programmed incorrectly and now your service has ended. Your loyalties are your own to prescribe. You look generally humanoid, if nothing else, but it's possible you have inhuman features or visible mechanical parts.

Half-Saiyan: 25000 You are half human, half saiyan. In all likelihood, you were born on Earth, although it is technically possible that you were born elsewhere. With the blood of a Saiyan and the spirit of a human, in you is a cocktail for strength and fury unmatched by either race.

Saiyan: 50000 You, or your ancestors, were born on Planet Vegeta. Destroyed decades ago by a prime evil super power, you have little reason to pledge your allegiance to anyone but yourself. You are a fiery sort with a love for fighting, a deep pride, and a deeper well of power to draw from. Fighting, win or lose, makes you stronger. Just be careful of the beast that rises on the full moon...

Kaio: 150000 Your origins are a mystery. You are a guardian. Of Earth, most likely, but it's also possible that you only have a small quadrant of Earth to look after, or a specific individual to act as guardian angel for. In any event, you are one of the meddlers in your race, and have come to either preserve or upset the balance between the light and the darkness.