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Courting Disaster

Courting Disaster


Set in a Regency-style era, the kingdom of Havea currently features four main Ducal houses of prominence whose politics and intrigues shape the lives and fortunes of those at their mercy. With King Severus Witherington sequestered away due to illness and his only heir a babe not yet even two years of age, Havea's current reigning regent is Queen Jasira, formerly of the House of Damaris.

Years of peace and prosperity have instilled a sense of joie de vrie in the people of Havea, but such things do not last forever. Recently an unrest has begun to spread over the land, with famine, fire, and pestilence rearing their ugly heads, and for the first time in generations the great houses find themselves not only in conflict with one another, but also more in need of one another than ever before.

House Remington lands lie to the north, where great forests and fertile lands make them the richest of the duchies, a fact that works in their favor more often than not.

House Damaris lands lie to the south, where their crown-sanctioned port makes them the first stop for visiting dignitaries, their relations with foreign nations serving them well at court.

House Vanderberg lands have a centralized locale, and is thus home to the kingdom's Grand Market, their finger directly on the pulse of fashion, commerce, and the latest gossip.

House Witherington lands lie to the west, and it is here that the royal palace resides, these ancestral lands the home of fine arts and the birthplace of future monarchs.

Queen Jasira, long known for both her charm and her cunning, has seen fit to invite the most compelling young lords and ladies of these duchies to reside within the palace, ostensibly to facilitate that most sacred of duties - matchmaking - but in this time of encroaching darkness, perhaps there is more to this centralization of power than meets the eye.



A parchment scroll is unfurled to its full length and pinned to the wall, detailing the latest, most relevant news of the far-flung corners of the kingdom. With information ranging from the current price of fashionable diadems set by the merchants in Vanderberg to the latest news on the high seas piracy in the southern seas off the shores of Damaris, there is never a dull edition of the Havea Kingdom Chronicle.

House Remington - It is reported that the mining strikes on Remington lands have picked up momentum, with workers claiming inadequate tools and equipment for the job. Meanwhile, the rise in taxation on farmed goods sees farmers operating at a devastating loss as they sell through Winter stores with the land too frozen to replenish stock until Spring.

House Vanderberg - It is reported that the price of silk has risen yet again, making the material all but inaccessible to all but the most monied individuals, with the exception of the Vanderbergs themselves, of course. While some continue to whisper of greed, recent news has brought reports of deadly attacks on the roads which have not only seen merchant suppliers killed and their horses slaughtered, but locally-sourced goods owed to other families have been stolen as well.

House Damaris - Fresh on the heels of the festive feast in the southern seaside lands, there are reports of piracy at sea, and a score or more ships have been attacked. With a shortage of wood in the dockyards due to logging having been paused during the forest fires to the north, the Damaris find themselves short on both ships and cannonshot to deal with this threat off the shores of Havea.

House Witherington - In the wake of the celebration of the Queens birthday, a new gallery has been proposed, not to house older, more well-known works of art, but to celebrate the life of Queen Jasira. Funding and materials will be needed of course, and suitable artworks commissioned, to ensure the grand opening is a spectacle fit for a queen.


A parchment scroll is unfurled to its full length and pinned to the wall of the drawing room, detailing the latest, most relevant news of the far-flung corners of the kingdom. With information ranging from the current price of gold set by the merchants in Vanderberg to the latest news on the mining strikes in the Remington mountains, there is never a dull edition of the Havea Kingdom Chronicle.

House Remington - It is reported that yet another inferno is racing through the Remington forest with no sign of abating, the third one in the past eight months. Also, a new baby has been born, this one to the Earl and Countess of Doverton, their firstborn heiress, the Lady Margaret Dover.

House Vanderberg - It is reported that the price of silk has risen yet again, making the material all but inaccessible to all but the most monied individuals, with the exception of the Vanderbergs themselves, of course. Some whisper of greed, while others pay more heed to talk of bandits harrying the trade routes between silk farms and the major markets.

House Damaris - It is reported that Duke Albarea of Vargas, a nation some two months sail to the southeast, is making a brief stopover in Havea as his fleet sails north, destination unknown. A feast will be held in his honor by the Duke and Duchess, and already other houses scheme for invitations; meanwhile the costs for the fete continue to creep higher and higher.

House Witherington - It is reported that a new play has been written, in honor of the Queens approaching birthday celebration. The costuming department is rumored to be running low on materials for the lavish gowns and jewelry required for the production, risking the reputation of the playhouse should they not find a solution, and quickly.


"The only thing a Remington has in more abundance than gold is class."

The Remington duchy sits to the north of the kingdom, lands sprawling forth from a valley river delta. Fertile plains and abundant forests make their lands the wealthiest in Havea both in terms of natural resources and natural beauty. The Queen keeps a summer home at the waterfall here, inviting favored members of the court to join her and escape the southern heat.
+Bonus to actions that require natural resources.

"If you want it a Vanderberg has it, from a good time to a fine wine."

The Vanderberg duchy sits at the center of Havea, the hub of trade and commerce, with the most famous crafters in the kingdom flocking to the Grand Market to make their fortune. The home of high fashion and the birthplace of styles and rumors, as well as wines and spirits coveted the world over.
+Bonus to actions that require crafted goods.

"They're exquisite, the Damaris, ethereal and exotic, full of secrets."

The Damaris lands are the southernmost duchy of Havea, with a temperate climate that makes it a frequent holiday destination of the Queen and her court. Generations of alliance-securing marriages have made the blood of this duchy exotic, with the most striking features and range of complexions in the kingdom, not to mention the strongest ties to nations abroad.
+Bonus to actions that require foreign aid.

"The blood of royals, every single one born and raised for the throne."

The Witherington duchy sits at the base of the mountain range that forms the western border of Havea. The royal palace is located here, in the birthplace of every reigning monarch in the kingdom's history. The home of fine arts, the major galleries and play houses are all located here and frequently patronized by the Queen Regent who openly displays her favor for the King's birth family.
+Bonus to actions that require aid from the crown.

RP Guide


The most important benefit to being invited to Court, not just socially but for one's entire family name, is the access to power and favor. One would be utterly remiss to squander such an opportunity.

In the Drawing Room, one can often find the latest news of recent happenings in one's home duchy. Of late, these happenings have been trending toward the dire and dreadful indeed, and there are those who whisper of the coming of demons as an explanation for this ill fortune.

But fear not, for you are placed at the heart of Havea, with the blessing of your family back home to wheel and deal as you see fit to the benefit of yourself and those with whom you seek to build alliances. Spend your days in luxury, but do not waste them. Ask favors, make exchanges, scheme away.

If that gentleman over there is facing pestilence in his lands, offer medicine from yours. And should barbarians be raiding your borders, perhaps his newly-healed standing army might march in your defense. High society looks favorably upon such clever politicking, and the people of your duchy are counting on you to take advantage of your name and position to make their lives beautiful and bountiful even in the encroaching darkness.

Deals made must be logged to be considered eligible as contributing to crisis resolution dreamworld emits. Thankfully, logging in Haven is now easier than ever. Using the log download command, you can simply copy and paste the segment of RP that makes up your log into a new log file on the haven website in the logs section, and then add the log to the Courting Disaster wiki page. Please dreamworld petition if you need assistance with this process.


This painting features Lady Mary Vanderberg nee Witherington and Lord Marcus Vanderberg on their wedding night, the noble soldier carrying his new bride over the threshold of their bedchamber for the first time. As the tale goes, it was both newlyweds first time, and they experienced such joy teaching one another the art of pleasure that to this day it is a scandal for any noble to lie with another before their wedding night, robbing either party of such a joyful experience.

Of course, to err is to be human, and sometimes passions get the better of us all. One is strongly urged toward discretion; that is to say, so long as no one knows, where is the harm? Once it becomes a rumor however, the disapproval of the court can be merciless, and many a roguish young man or passionate young woman have been cast from high society for such things. To that end, young nobles favor group gatherings to act as a type of social chaperone to avoid such rumors, and those in secret dalliances will go to great pains to show others more attention socially, so as to deflect speculation. For example, by never dancing multiple songs in a row, avoiding getting involved in each others' petty disputes, and not showing overt favor at social gatherings.


This painting is of Lady Georgia Remington, famous for the grace and poise she exhibited in her lifetime. Unerringly polite to friend and foe alike, her rapier wit was nevertheless truly disarming, subtle enough that one would be hard-pressed to take offense, yet none who valued their reputation dared set themselves in her sights. And so it is to Lady Georgias example that mothers and governesses alike turn to when raising their sons and daughters, hoping to raise young nobles who do not wear pettiness or animosity on their sleeves, for such things are scorned in polite society, seen as a lack of self-awareness.


Swordsmanship vs Swordsmanship
Dexterity vs Dexterity
Syntax: rollnumber (stat) - eg. rollnumber swordsmanship, rollnumber dexterity
Both combatants do BOTH rolls each round, THEN emote

Whoever wins the contest of swordsmanship breaks the others' guard.
If they also win the contest of dexterity, they score a blood point.
If they tie or lose the contest of dexterity, their strike is parried.
If the swordsmanship contest is a tie, the dexterity contest determines who is gaining ground, but no point is scored.
If both the swordsmanship and dexterity contests are a tie, neither fighter scores or gains/loses ground in the fight.

Minor disputes are fought to first blood.
More serious disputes are fought to third blood.

Fighting past third blood in a dispute is considered gauche and disreputable.
Continuing to argue, sulk, or be disrespectful after a dispute is settled via blades is considered a scandal; leave the area if you lose but cannot get over it.

Friendly spars are fought with sparring blades and do not draw blood; these are fought to any number of blood points agreed upon before the match begins.


Courtly Favor
The level of favor displayed to your character by NPCs and vNPCs in comparison to others in the immediate vicinity.

Courtly Intrigue
How well-connected your character is to the perpetually-churning rumor mill of Havea

Your skill with courtly weapons such as fencing foils, short swords, rapiers, etc.

Your physical adroitness, for all things parrying, blocking, dodging, etc.

Your skill with all things horse-related such as taming, grooming, riding, etc.

Your skill at courtly dances such as the waltz, foxtrot, swing, etc.

Crisis Resolution Emits

New notification for the dreamworld Courting Disaster: In the temperate south, the home of Havea foreign hospitality, the legend of the feast thrown for Duke Albarea of Vargas grows exponentially - along with the size of the bill. According to the rumors, the tireless efforts of Lady Zhiara Damaris pay off, quite literally. Securing funding for the feast from Lord Xerxes Remington takes the edge off the financial hardship, but it is a most generous contribution from Lord Lucretius Remington that puts things to rights, and the Damaris family can focus on entertaining with abandon rather than measuring the purse strings. She also goes a step further, convincing Lord Solaris Witherington to use his connections to the crown to secure a performance by the Royal Theatre, favored by the queen herself, at the feast. The court speaks well of Lady Zhiara Damaris for her efforts. - 02.21.2021

New notification for the dreamworld Courting Disaster: In the wintery north, those raging forest fires that have burned unabated for weeks are finally met with resistance. From whence does such relief come? From the south and the west blow the relieving winds of good tidings. Lord Xerxes Remington, having secured the aid of men from the Witherington lands through a heartfelt letter written by Lady Summer Witherington to her uncle, ensures that there are men on the ground to dig trenches and perform controlled burns to cease the spread of the fires. It is also said that Lord Xerxes Remington has convinced Lady Zhiara Damaris to beseech the foreign nobleman, Duke Albarea of Vargas, to send an advance armada of his ships north. There, they haul water and sand from the beaches to smother the flames in a pincer attack that saves countless acres of forest. The court speaks well of Lord Xerxes Remington for his efforts. - 02.21.2021

New notification for the dreamworld Courting Disaster: In the palatial west, home of the arts and the royal family itself, preparations are underway for a theatrical extravaganza fit for a queen. It is rumored that a young woman new to court, Lady Summer Witherington, has put her finger on the pulse of the play and ensures that everything goes smoothly preparing for the queen's birthday gift from the Royal Theatre. She has secured funding from Lord Xerxes Remington for the playhouse's budget, and in turn solicited the aid of Lady Arabella Vanderberg and Lord Egdod Vanderberg in turning those funds into material and jewels that can be used for costuming, despite the current silk shortages. Lord Solaris Witherington also does his part to make the play a smashing success for the queen's celebration, forming an arrangement with Lady Zhiara Damaris to provide second-hand foreign silk gowns and dresses to the costuming department, adding an exotic flare to the performance. The court speaks well of Lady Summer Witherington and Lord Solaris Witherington for their efforts. - 02.21.2021