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The Library

The Library

The earliest records of a great library in the dreamscape come from diaries of scholars who witnessed the burning of the Library of Alexandria. It is theorized among arcanists that the devastation so rocked the ancient scholars that their mourning echoed through their dreams and the Library was formed. Some even say that Hypatia herself was its first Head Librarian. Over time the Library has changed its form but never its function - always an ever-growing collection of the world's knowledge, full of hungry scholars, lost characters and the horrors that lie in the imagination of mankind.


The Library is a location for all sorts of scholarly roleplay, mixed in with a little mischief driven by the book characters who form, spooky terror from the horrors that all fear and the long-suffering librarians who have to keep everything in order. The dreamgod of this world is the current Head Librarian and with her I would like to facilitate storytelling for others.

Participation Ideas

- introducing new supernaturals to lore, answering questions about how the supernatural world works, who's who etc.

- guiding passive or recently activated demigods, faeborn and demonborn through their ancestor dreams and developing their powers in the safety of the dreamscape

- working with scholar and librarian characters to seek out knowledge, or to secure and hide knowledge that is dangerous

- trading information with the Librarian

- plot and storyline ideas that use the Library are always welcome!

Visitors (0)

Visitors, travellers, drifters, the lost. Most people who visit the Library in their dreams rarely pass through more than once. They wander in, exist for a few hours then leave and are quickly forgotten. Visitors have no ability to hurt others in the library nor to defend themselves from its more regular denizens so, shh!

Scholars (10,000)

Scholars are more regular visitors to the Library. While some may come just for the thrill of experiencing some new story, most scholars return to the library for a reason. Whether that is to trade information with the Head Librarian or to have access to texts long lost in the real world, the library is always welcome to those who wish to learn.

Offense: Research (Power 1).

Defense: Argue (Power 1).

Characters (20,000)

Walking between the stacks one can run into all manner of people, talking animals or mythological beings conjured up from the pages of the books stored in the library. Characters are generally benevolent and innocent - unaware always of their nature as someone else's creation.

Offense: Belief (Power 2).

Defense: Plot-twist (Power 2).

Librarians (40,000)

Librarians are either scholars who have decided not to leave the Library or characters who have become aware of themselves and lost their innocence. The librarians serve the Library and above all else its quest for seeking new knowledge and protecting it from being lost even when it is forgotten in the real world. It is also their job to try and reign in the Horrors (not always successfully) and either contain them or, if all else fails, eject them into the real world as nightmare monsters for others to deal with.

Offense: Silence (Power 4).

Defense: Reorder (Power 4).

Horrors (80,000)

Sometimes scholars go mad. Sometimes characters become twisted. Sometimes librarians throw in the towel and turn traitor. And sometimes the imagination of mankind is simply so perverse that horrors manifest into beings that haunt the library. They stalk its inhabitants and do battle with the librarians seeking either to make the library their domain or to escape into the real world and wreak havoc there.

Offense: Torment (Power 8)

Defense: Defiance (Power 8)

What stories have you told?

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