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The Wastelands

The Wasteland

In the mid-2030s, the world was at its pinnacles of achievement. Flying cars, cures for cancer, if you could dream it, it could be reality. At least that is what legends spoke of, in reality no one truly remembers. Whatever sparked war even the most eldest of humanity doesn't know, but they know that is when one world ended and another began. The Great Purging Flame swept away humanity's golden age and in turn left the remnants with only dust and ash. Today, which is hundreds of years later, but how long is debated, civilization has been tossed back into the dark ages. Bands of raiders roam the wastelands searching food, water, and fuel, all three scarce commodities. The world is no longer a safe place and survival depends on the strong ever striving to be stronger as they live their short lives, victim of a bullet or blade, or even more rare dying from radiation poisoning (a fate that all humanity will succumb too if they live long enough). There are creatures that have adapted to their new world known as mutants, evolution taking its toll heavily here and perhaps taking several leaps backwards in the grand scheme of things. New Hope is one attempt at reclaiming humanity's birthright. A walled city that clings on the technology of the past. Within, they have clean air, water, and food. Their technology reaches nearly beyond imagination, but for all Wastelanders it is a dream that will never be seen. They guard their walls fiercely and effectively, leaving it unbreachable. They pose a greater threat to the Wastelander than raiders or even mutants. They take what they want from the Wastelands, kill whom they want, and do what they want, the Wastelanders being less than human to them.


Drifter: 0xp

Wasteland Trader: 25000xp

Wasteland Raider: 1000xp

Wasteland Champion: 25000xp

Wasteland Warlord: 225000xp

Lesser Mutant: 5000xp

Mutant: 50000xp

Greater Mutant: 100000xp

Character Roster

Ella Gypsy Lee Rose (AKA Rhiannon) Kaythlin
Paula? Max Kane