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Time Echoes

Time Echoes


Quite often, dreams drag us into the past, make us relieve our experiences, not rarely altering the experiences to suit our psyche's exploratory purposes. Not rarely, dreams explore our near future, with dreamers living their hopes and their fears in that moment-to-come. What will happen in your job interview next week? How will be the results of your exam?

Time Echoes is the agglomeration of time-sensitive psychic manifestations, giving form to a mass within the dreamscape, where, collectively, people live their future, before it arrives.

Mechanically, Time Echoes is more than an universe like ours, it is our universe. The same people, the same history. Only here, time happens faster: in one hour of sleep you live three hours of life. The inflection point in time can be traced down to the 1st of July, 2021, with each passing day in the real world seeing not one but three days pass by within the dreamworld.


  • Yourself: 0
  • By default, in this dreamworld you are... yourself. As powerful (or not) as you are expected to be, this is you, in your future. It is not a conscious decision for you to have become - in your dreams - as you did, what the future holds for you is made from the expectations you have, your goals and your fears. You are what you subconsciously believe you will be.
    OOC: Do not take stats that don't correspond to powers you have or plausibly will have by the time the dream is taking place. If you predict being dead, then you are allowed to RP as being a ghost, or a wight. You don't need to buy all the stats needed to represent powers that you already have, but you should not buy new ones before acquiring those.
    If you are a Fantasy, your 'Yourself' here is the equivalent Dreamchild.

  • Human: 30000
  • You are a Human, and not a very special one.
    OOC: This is the equivalent of a Tier One character - including non-supernatural Blackfield Staff members. There are no Fantasies in this world.

  • Proficient: 60000
  • You are a proficient human: a Soldier, a Wildling, perhaps someone who passed through the threads of time. Or maybe you're more than human: a young vampire or werewolf, someone with the blood of the Gods, Fae or Demons.
    OOC: this is the equivalent to Tier 2. Positive and negative modifiers should be considered within the Tier, ie, T2-1 and T2+1 are still Proficient.

  • Abherration: 90000
  • You are a ghost, a wight or a living nightmare.

  • Veteran: 120000
  • You are a Veteran of your type - a Soldier of the Special Forces, a Celebrity, a Pillar in your Community, or even a veteran supernatural.
    OOC: this is the equivalent of Tier 3.

  • Ageless: 150000
  • You're done with aging... Unless you're a vampire, in which case, your centuries have started to show.
    OOC: This corresponds to Tier 4.

  • Ancient: 180000
  • Ancient Vampire, Ancient Werewolf, DemiDemon, Angel, God Child or Fae Child.
    OOC: This corresponds to Tier 5 archetypes. Note that Angels can both be Freed or in service to one of the Higher Powers.

  • Higher Power: 210000
  • God, Fae or Demon.


(OOC) RP Guidelines, tips and tricks:

  • If you have any doubts, suggestions, Lore issues, etc., use the petition method at will.
  • The map is every growing in reach and resolution. If you wish a particular room to be added, or more detail in some geographical area, don't be afraid to petition for it.
  • Much of what is defined a the rules for this dreamworld (including mechanically, with the roles and disciplines) assumes player trust and responsibility - please try to follow the rules. If they don't seem clear enough, petition. If you have reason to believe the rules aren't being followed, petition.