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Your Ancestors Estate


Ruin has come to your family. You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial, gazing proudly from its stoic perch above the moor?

That grand and stolid edifice to your family's greatness now lies a dank and musty tomb, the once extravagant stonework left to crumble in disrepair. Strange things lurk within those shadowed halls, patiently waiting for their chance to feast upon innocent flesh and rend asunder innocent minds. There are stranger things still waiting to be found among the ruined tapestries and rotted wood; the dark and terrible secrets which your family for so long has sought to keep.

A basecamp has been erected in the shadow of that ruined monolith. There they gather, the brave and foolhardy alike, to be preyed upon the creatures that stalk the wreckage even as they prepare to plunder its darkened depths. Within, only the fragile and flickering light of a torch might hope to keep insanity at bay. But for how long?

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You are an explorer, come to this accursed place in search of fortune and glory. You will brave these crumbling halls, risking life, limb and sanity. But, you must ask yourself: Will it be worth it?

You are a descendent of the unnamed family which once oversaw these estates, an heir to the unimaginable sins and unspeakable acts of hubris which taint those darkened halls. It falls upon you now to reclaim your birthright, to uncover those terrible secrets and, if you can, lay to rest the horrors within.

The product of some twisted experiment, the outcome of some dark pact, a descendent yourself of the Patriarch's myriad victims. You may well be any one of these things, or perhaps you are something as-of-yet unexplained. It is you who stalks the darkened ruins, it is you who preys upon the unwitting inhabitants of the camp below. You are the reason why we must fear the night.


Here in the shadows of the Ancestor's estate, courage is a fleeting thing.

Mettle is the stat used to depict your mental fortitude, your ability to ensure that your thoughts on your own. Should it falter, you may be subject to hallucinations, strange visions, flights of madness and more.
It is used to contest the Shadow's Horror stat.
When used in Dream Assault, it is a Defensive stat.

Survival is a tenuous proposition in this sprawling tomb.

Vitality represents your ability to avoid or withstand sources of physical harm: Your ability to dodge incoming blows, as well as the stoutness of your armor. When your Vitality falters, you risk injury, maiming and even death.
It is used to contest Adroitness and Terror.
When used in Dream Assault, it is a Defensive stat.

Press your advantage. Give them no quarter.

Adroitness is representative of your skill in combat, in whatever form that may come. Whether you are firing a musket or swinging a blade, relying on cleverness and wit or brute strength along, adroitness is your ability to fight back against the things that stalk the night.
It is used to contest Vitality and Flesh. When used in Dream Assault, it is an Offensive stat.

The slow death: Unforeseen. Unforgiving.

Horror represents a Shadow's ability to inflict madness and insanity on their prey. The precise mechanics of this vary from one beast to the next. For a blood sucking corpse that has risen again it may take the form of mental compulsions, for a quivering mass of decaying flesh it may be a nauseating stench which disrupts focus, and for the series of strange, ephemeral lights it may represent hallucinatory visions.
You should aim to be consistent in your use of Horror. Most Shadows only have one.
It is used to contest Mettle.
When used in Dream Assault, it is an Offensive stat.

As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves.

Terror represents the physical threats which a Shadow might bring to bear: Jagged and rusty blades, wicked curving claws, fangs dripping with poison and more. The precise mechanics of Terror will differ from one Shadow to the next, dependent entirely on their physical make-up.
It is used to contest Vitality.
When used in Dream Assault, it is an Offensive stat.

Death waits for the slightest lapse in concentration.

Flesh represents a Shadow's physical fortitude, their ability to evade or withstand incoming sources of harm. This may differ from one Shadow to the next: A swarm of bats may use Flesh to re-direct themselves around the swing of a blade, while a hulking behemoth of sewn-together parts might use Flesh to simply shrug off incoming attacks.
It is used to contest Adroitness.
When used in Dream Assault, it is a Defensive stat.

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