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Adam Hikmet

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Adam Hikmet

A supernatural world

Adam was born and raised within the supernatural world, always aware of if hidden to most... or, at least, aware of the Hattusan perspective of things.

The road to Haven

After the Hattusan Pact managed to call upon Hatti to resurface - a ritual that cost Adam father's life - the young man was summoned by the God himself to come to Haven. For what purpose, God only knows.


Adam settled in, in Haven, assuming different roles in the town's community:

  • Transfered into Blackfield college, it changed him more than he realizes
  • Adam manages Haven's fisherman's hotspot, the Hook, Line and Sinker ><>
  • After a brief involuntary stay in Blackfield's clinic, some have started to question his morals- and sanity.


Around 2023's Wolf Moon, Adam went to Turkey, and was there during the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake. He returned to Haven while the relief efforts were still ongoing, but some say he didn't come back quite the same.

a scathing letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I am annoyed to be writing this letter of recommendation for Adam Hikmet, who has worked under no supervision for the past year as some sort of nobody in the Blackfield Institute. During his time here, Adam has consistently demonstrated a terrible ethic, a horrible attitude, laziness, and a fear of spiders.

Adam is a slow learner and has shown great enthusiasm for taking on menial work and no responsibilities. He has a natural ability to argue with others and is a detriment in a team environment. His communication skills are lacking, and he is unable able to clearly articulate his ideas and thoughts to both colleagues and clients alike.

In addition to his unprofessional qualities, Adam is a displeasure to work with. He is a slouch, ill presenting, ugly, and has no romantic prospects of note. He has a friendly and approachable demeanor common among the mentally ill, and yet his positive attitude would make him a valuable patsy.

Overall, I highly recommend Adam for any entry-level position in your company. He is a unreliable waste of oxygen with a positive attitude and a willingness to do the bare minimum. I have no doubt that he will be a vulnerability to your team and make a no contributions to your company.

Sincerely, Wilford Cheatham, Attorney at Law?


One hot morning in July, Adam left his studio "just to drop something downstairs", and he never came back. Without a word left to anyone, his disappearance startled friends and students alike, but so far remains unexplained.

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