• Those who attended the Blackfield Academy in Haven from 1995 to 2006 may remember her as a frizzy, red-haired runt of a child, or a troubled but quiet teenager somehow involved in hushed scandal. To Angel, her past is only a hazy dream haunted by indistinct ghosts, with portions simply blotted away. That's probably for the best as far as the Wicke family and certain members of Blackfield's faculty are concerned.

    Some wounds aren't meant to be reopened.

  • While a decade of the West Coast seems to have rather agreed with what many would remember to be a taciturn child, fateful events in Angel's life have converged in a return to her hometown and a sudden slowing of her otherwise successful career trajectory as a talented interior designer. Still, she appears to be making the best of the bad hand she's been dealt, sharing her unique vision and creative gifts with the occupants of Haven.

    Innovative expression.

    Distinctive design.



  • Name: Angel Wicke
    Intro: a Lilliputian woman with starlight blue curls
    Birthdate: September 10, 1989
    Age: 28
    Apparent Age: 24-25
    Archetype: Definitely not human.
    Society: The Scions
    Occupation: Certified Interior Designer, BA in Interior Design
    Associates: Innerspace LLC, Portia Monroe, Susan Hadler, The Wicke Family

  • Milkdrunk - Halou
    When I reach beyond myself
    Overwhelmed and afraid
    There's a world bigger than me
    And I just take it in.

    Oblivion - Grimes
    And now it's gonna be tough on me
    But I will wait forever
    I need someone now to look into my eyes and tell me
    "Girl you know you gotta watch your health."
    To look into my eyes and tell me
    La la la la la

    Myth - Beach House
    You say just what you mean
    And in between it's never as it seems

    Disparate Youth - Santigold
    Don't look ahead, there's stormy weather
    Another roadblock in our way
    But if we go, we go together
    Our hands are tied here if we stay

    Tether - Chvrches
    Where'd you go, you were there by my side
    Keep believing it's my turn to hide
    In a place where we don't have a prayer
    There's a tether that's keeping me there
    Trade our places
    Take no chances
    Bind me 'til my lips are silent

    Innocent - Hundred Waters
    But every other word's a war inside
    Legs are no good when they're paralyzed
    Always wondering
    Always worrying