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Ardan Rayes

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Ardan Rayes


"I am glad you're still here. We've been through a lot over the years, things might seem grim right now, but it's just a small speed bump, a minor detour. We'll be back on the right path and working towards our goals soon. Just remember, supers are people too." - Briar

"We are the light at the end of the tunnel for many who must suffer. I hope that you stay with us, Mr. Rayes. We work too hard to simply give in to the easy way out." - Ms. Rosenberg

"We have much in common, Sugar, but so much also at odds. I honestly do not understand how we could possibly be friends, at times, but I like to believe we are that. And if nothing else, you are easy on the eye and have delightful dress sense, and I am one easily pleased female at times, so I consider that to be 'enough'." - Marchesa

"Disappointing. You could be, still could be, so much more. Let me know if you ever change your mind. And stoppit with the weird-ass rings, aight?" - Rose

"Just another disappointing Orderite, unfortunately. Though I suppose he gets the award of best of the worst. Ardan dealt the kill shot to Potter and stood with us in the final battle against the Tranquil. We do not agree on a number of things, but our emnity for the Remnant and Et-Aral is shared, at least. I spoke out of anger before and it is incorrect, his actions warrant more respect from me." - Gage

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"Comment" - Someone?