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Berke Mac Millian

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Name: Berke MacMillian
Birth Date: 26/03/1987
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York City, New York
Archetype: Natural
Society: The Fettered of Janus


There is little out of the ordinary in Berke's history. Raised in an upper-middle class family, he was never faced the difficulties that come with knowing financial struggle or problematic environments. Until his Sophomore year at New York State University, little of interest had happened. Through the college, he was offered an internship through a start-up business in Rome, Italy where he seems to fall off the map.

Over the next decade, Berke made appearances throughout Europe as one of The Fettered of Janus' entertainers. Generally, he would be one of the gladiators used at the games though never as the spotlight and never as an important figure. It is not until his arrival in Haven that he is displayed as someone of note as the Unbound of the recently established Forum.

Roleplay Hooks


Among the Fettered, there is nothing more important than profit. This is most often displayed through a displayed decadence by the Unbound and Underbosses of the local Forums. Gold and silver decorating the necks and fingers of all who carry rank and Berke is no exception.


While the Fettered of Janus are well-known within the slave trade, the western Forums have taken to a more militaristic approach in that they are reestablishing Gladiatorial games. Without wars or minor squabbles to draw fighters from, those who enter the arena seem to often be found on missing person's reports.

Everything is for Sale

Money makes the world go 'round. Goods, Services or, even, members are often used as resources when it comes to dealing with other societies. If there is something that catches the eye, it is likely that Berke will be willing to sell it.


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"Must I always win? No. But truly, who can you name that's more deserving of a win than me?" - Teresa

"As long as you are facing the same direction I am when the next god or devil shows up to kill us all, I can suffer your loathing yet." - Virginia

"Things will go better now that we understand one another, I believe." - Gage

"I wish you'd left on a better note. A last kiss at least. You were never what I expected, never what I planned on, and you sure made me feel things I didn't want to feel. Maybe that would have been enough to keep us going through all these rough patches and time and distance. We'll never know. But who'd have thought that after all my yelling at you about your mortality, it'd be MINE that'd bring an end to us?" - Teresa