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Briar Holiday

Briar's Blog

Blog Update: 19th of October 2018

"I have seen into the eyes of God and they were filled with fury. A wolf prowls among the shepard's flock, eyes of blue and hair of gold. Wrath shall fall on their city and the false herald shall fall. I have seen into the eyes of God and they were filled with Fury."

Austin Holiday, 7th of June, 2018.

The 3rd of June is the day everything changed, the moment that Briar was shattered into a million pieces, when the man that was her everything, died.

Briar has always been a little reckless when it comes to her approach to life.But now? Without Axel to reign her in, and with fewer and fewer allies to call on, Briar's dare devil approach to life has soared to new heights. But that's okay right? As long as her numbers keep going up, that's all that matters, right?

Number of People Rescued: 154

     Allies: Gray, Jack, Arvin, Nova, Belle, Fritz,
             Alexander, Ryan, Dalton and
                 Axel Maddock


Help me to decide, help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure... Everybody Wants to Rule the World

I held him close, I kissed him; our last kiss... Last Kiss

I tell you when I know, when I know. Or would you quiet by me?.. Sinful.

I do whatever it takes, 'cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.. Whatever It Takes


The Order is an organisation that is strongly structured around laws and handing out punishment and her less than Orderly methods for handling people who step out of line, and her fondness for B&E has people asking whether Briar is the best person to lead it. And even she isn't sure.

Good Girl Going Bad?

Briar claims to have rescued over a hundred people since she became aware; something she's fiercely proud of. But of late, she's not quite putting the effort in that she once did. Is the goodie-two-shoes finally casting her white armor off?

Survivors Guilt

Briar is struggling with the fact that she's one of the few remaining Samaritans left in the world, add to that that she feels more than a bit responsible for their deaths, and she's sinking fast and hard and there's no one there to catch her.

Briar's Blog


"Briar? Do you think I will let you just live when I cannot?" Martin. (It's over Martin.)

"Any time you need us, just visit.. Home isn't far.-" Your two Dads.

"The most challenging part of discovering a new world is realizing that the things will never be the same. That there is no returning to the life you had before." - Gray. (I'm glad you're here.)

"Best thing to do is figure it out as you go along." - Jack. (I need you Jack. I can't make these decisions on my own.)

"You talk funny." - Belle. (I miss those trailer park days.)

"From finding the body parts in the cellar, to saving me from the other worlds. Some of you wants to take off the white armor and throw yourself at me." - Dante. (You looked good. Not going to lie.)

"It takes a special kinda person to put up with my particular brand of fuck-up half as well as you do, which makes you pretty spectacular in my book. There are brownies in the kitchen whenever you get back, if the trailer hasn't burnt down. Shit, I think I left the oven on." - Daniel. (I miss those days.)

"It was pleasant while it lasted, but like all weaknesses and impurities, it must be burned away." - Vakhtang. (I have a stake just for you, Vakhtang.)

"She don't blame you, Briar. I don't blame you either. Only one that does is you. You're good in my book, and if I had to go again, I would." - Lo. (Guilt still plagues me, but no longer for this.)

"After what I've seen in Vegas, I can't help but wonder what else there is about you - what makes you tick, what drives you forward day after day in this sleepy little town of horrors... In a totally clinical way, but not in a creepy clinical way!" - Kat. (Is it ever not creepy?)

"She's gonna let me hit" - Pete? (He didn't hit)

"It's a wonderful thing, so many uses..." - Das (On Duct Tape)

"That was such a shit show. Thank you for trying to help, and... I'm so sorry about Jack." - Milo. (It worked out okay.)

"Dude, I gotta say, you're definitely the best dealer I've ever had. And the weirdest. And hey - thanks again." - Fritz. (We have to make up for lost time).

"You're doing better than you think. I know I may not often say it, but I'm glad you've joined our motley crew and that I can rely on you. Seriously, it's such a sausage fest sometimes." - Nova Bee. (I need you, like air. I need you Nova.)

"I dreamt a dream, a beautiful dream. One of an antihero, a fair Rose, vengeance meted out, and a tree. It was life inverted, simple, but wonderful. And then we woke up." - Davit. (We always do.)

"The one person I don't mind breaking into my house. Don't forget the good you did for me. I never will." - Corey. (I miss you.)

"I got a certain sympathy for Briar that I never knew I could have before. It's like a twin soul. Or the flip side of a coin. I dunno how I feel about it." - Ryder. (Why did you do it?)

"I barely caught a glimpse of her through the door, but she was like a superhero." - Fatima. (At your service.)

"Briar, Briar, Briar ... the Thorn in Bloodcode's side! I'm going to take such sweet pleasure in eating you." - The Bitch. (Get in line).

"Do you believe me now, or will I need to speak with your shaman?" - Primeval Paula. (Funny how things turn out, right?)

"A young lady who both confounds me and catches my attention, I am glad you're on my side and not the enemy's. For you, Briar, I will try to stay but if I leave I won't be gone long. Promise." - Brook (I need you back here.)

"I'm sorry we failed you." - Paula Brito (And now it's my turn to fail you)

"No cost too great, huh? I like it." - Renfield (I like to be creative)

"I gave you a chance. You let me down." - Axel (I will make it up to you. I promise.)

"You're dancing with the devil, Briar. Just.. you know, be aware of where you're left standing when the music stops, yeah?" - Abe Adams (But the devil is so pretty)

"It was always you, Briar. You were what I had searched for, what I had been missing. You filled a space within me I had not understood was empty. For that, I will always be grateful. I love you. I will Always love you." - Gray (One last kiss?)

"There is always more to take. When I am free of this seal, you will join Holiday in his eternal torment. This is my promise to you." - Azrael(Something to look forward to then.)

"A deeply misguided and sinful woman, but her heart is in the right place." - Captain Aniefiok(I think my heart died with Gray.)

"You know, it is rude to come into someone's house and loiter about. At least have tea with me and silently judge everyone else." - Merky (Consider it a date)

"I've never been rescued by anyone as much as my sister. It's almost infuriating at times." - The Lion of Blackfield (You have a special place in my heart, that few people reside in.)

"So. It's to be you and Gage leading the next wave. Ditch Pride and you'll do just fine. Without that to pull you off track and mire you both in pettiness, it's a bet I'd be willing to take." - Teresa (Me and Pride get along just fine)

"Gods, we've had our ups and downs, difficulties and close friendships. This time, though, I am here to have your back until the very end." - Vakhtang (I don't know what to make of you yet Vak.)

"You're welcome, by the way." - Ione (... who are you again?)

"Careful, Lady Briar. I owe a great deal of pain to the Samaritans and you're the last flame to snuff out. Or you can embrace the company you keep (and I don't see you keeping Order company) and become the monster you were meant to be." - Graves (The more I lose, the harder it is to keep it in check)

"Kinda like a big old hero to me. Carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, and yet manages to still have that /energy/, you know?" - Rose (Some days are harder than others, but I don't know what else to do.)

"They all underestimate me. Do you?" - Medic? (I am a big believer in learning what people are capable of. I haven't yet seen what you can do, medic.)

"Don't go breakin' my heart." - Minou (Cielo: I won't go breaking your heart... But I did stake it, that's okay right?)

"I've seen people get called spineless before. But that was ridiculous." - Random Citizen? (Cielo: And epic.)

“Once, we were the same. The passing years have made us not only different, but practically separate species.” – Eve

"What have you become?" - Sir (...)

"Some Comment" - Some Body? (...)

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