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Camilla Edeza

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Camilla Edeza


Sex: Female
Birth Date: 05/07/1998
Race: Latino
Occupation: Blackfield Student
Theme Song: Theme Song Title

Supernatural Outlook

???? ????


Cursory background checks would indicated that Camilla(or Cammy) was born to an electrician and former singer in New York City. Other than her mother having some sort of accident that made her lose her singing range, and subsequently her job, there was little of note in her early years.

At the age of sixteen, Camilla was suspended from school due to some incident involving a large scale drug deal. There had been school notices of prior misbehavior. However, after the suspension, Camilla returned to school and graduated from high school with near perfect grades. She moved in with her boyfriend and started school at the State University of New York in Buffalo.

In her first year at college, she disappeared for a week. She subsequently ended up back in school, acting like nothing happened. Soon after her boyfriend dumped her, she dropped out from SUNY and then headed to Haven. Blackfield College accepted her into their program.

More About Me


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Notes on file

"I'm surprised there's no vodka-cocktail named after you... yet." - Nate

"Gin!" - Colin

"I don't know whether you like me like me or not. But I like you. A lot." - Art

"Ovaries the size of beachballs. I like that." - The other Art

"Thanks for sorting that beer crisis, love." - Not art, but makes it sometimes

"I believe I will enjoy working with you." - Martha