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Full Name:Daciana Leigh Nierling
Birth Year:1995
Associations:The Boys, The Hand

Daciana is the middle child of five, born to a single mother in Boston who worked two jobs to ensure they all had food on the table. The oldest two – Hannele and Sebastian (affectionately called Baz) – were the primary caregivers of their three younger siblings, though Daciana herself fell through the cracks on the best of days. The overall chaos of five children raising themselves and each other led to a myriad of outcomes, though Dace's own was far from what she had initially envisioned.

After a stint in attempting to be responsible and attend college (with an interest in fashion design), the pressure and expectation crushed her and she skipped out. Rather than face the disappointment in her elder siblings, she abandoned Boston and continues to lie about her success and whereabouts. The call of the Ocean led her to Haven, where she causes trouble with the Boys and takes off her clothes for petty cash.

The Quotening:

Daciana: “So you know I sound vaguely like a hyena in a falsetto.”
Abel: “I like to believe it sounds more like the many blinking eyes of the biblical image of angels.”


Spring Paxton
you're cute Minx. <3


Daciana is the best baby mama I never knew I wanted.

Your bAbe

Shoo! No doing cocaine on the books.

Your Landlord

Case Arkwright
10/10 Diving buddy. Would risk getting lost at sea with again.

Case Arkwright

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Daciana Nierling