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Eavan O Faolain

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Name: Eavan O'Faolain

Archetype: Visitor - Demigod Bloodline

Faction: Not Applicable

Occupation: Receptionist at Iron Gym

Theme Song: Theme Song Title


+What She's Doing in Haven+

Two years ago, Eavan was in the woods around Haven doing a courier job for her boss. She disappeared completely. Now, she's stumbled back into town with an injured man and a horse in tow. Word is, she's looking around for people that could help her companion heal.

+Where She Fits in a Supernatural World+

Eavan knows the Supernatural exists. Her grandfather is a powerful Demigod, descended from The Dagda, the Irish All-Father. It's something that the O'Faolain family regards with great pride. Thus far, Eavan hasn't activated, but it's possible that her time around the Gates might change that. Nevertheless, knowing what she does, Eavan is very careful with what she gets involved with. It's all too easy to become food.

+How She Copes with the Lurking Horrors+

Eavan knows there's shit out there. She also knows how powerless she is to do much about it. So, she focuses on staying safe, staying public, and staying under the radar.

RP Hooks

ø Boston - Eavan's from the South Side of Boston. Maybe you are, too.

ø Desmond King - Around four years ago, the street gang that Eavan was a part of was chased off in a territory grab by Desmond King. Eavan went to work for him instead, overseeing a few street corners in Southie and pimping out the prostitutes in that area.

ø The Wilds - Two years ago, Eavan disappeared in the woods. When she showed up again, she had learned fluent Wildling and seemed quite familiar with the Kingdom of Nar.

ø Rootless - Despite the fact that Eavan's been busy setting herself up in Haven, there's a sense that she doesn't mean to stay longer than neccessary.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Second Language - She speaks fluent Wildling.

ø Sidearms - While not the best shot in the world, she's no beginner.


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