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Elle Phoenix

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Page 1
Name: Elle Phoenix
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 1990/08/15
Birthplace: Annecy, France
Mother: Rachelle Auvray
Father: Brandon Phoenix
Haircolor: Blonde
Eyecolor: Blue
She was conceived when her father was on a trip to France. It included a stop in the city of Annecy, where her father met her mother Rachelle and it ended up in one night of passion. Her father left the next day. On her birth certificate the name of her father is Brandon Phoenix. We are not allowed to confirm or deny the truth of the father's name.

Page 2
Preschool: Ecole Maternelles Les Romains from 2 to 6 years old
Elementary school: Ecole Tilleul from 6 to 11 years old
Middle School: College Tilleul 11 to 15
High School: Lycee Berthollet 15 to 18
Elle has spend the majority of her pre adult life in one school or another. She started preschool at age two in Ecole Maternelles Les Romains, she stayed there for 4 years, and already showed great intelligence. At she started Elementary school right after at 6 years old at Ecole Tilleul, a private school, until the age of 11. Then at 11 years old, she went to Middle School at College Tilleul, which is the same private school, as her elementary, until 15 years old. At 15 years old, she did her High School at Lycee Berthollet until her majority, 18 years old

Page 3
Note 1: Travels to America, Massachusetts, Boston to find her father.
Note 2: Meets a man named ----------------
Elle ,once she was done with school, left France and her mother, to travel to America. She ended up in Massachusetts, in the city of Boston. Having learnt English during school, she was able to do well in America. She was trying to find her father, but she was unfruitful. She met however a man named ----------------. It seemed love at first sight and they got married a month after they met. It allowed her to get citizenship there. The first month they were dating was great for them, but after they got married, the man changed, he started to beat her, abused as well as steal and cheat. It went on for about 6 months, and then she defended herself, and she got rid of him. She ----------------------------------. The ------------------------------ completely.

Page 4
Note 1: Travels to Massachusetts, Springfield.
Note 2: Ends up opening a Shelter for the homeless
Note 3: Gets in an accident.

After what happened in Boston, she couldn't stay there anymore, she moved to Springfield, still in Massachusetts. She founds her bearings and after a few months, managed to open a shelter for the homeless. She seemed to be a lucky lady with success in her endeavors. She was appreciated from the homeless community and everything was going well until she was in the proximity of an explosion and she ended up on the ground with a car crushing her left leg. She ------------------------------- leg. Help arrived and she was taken to the hospital. They wanted to remove her leg. Before it could be done, she was taken into one of our facilities. She was amputated very close to the hip, leaving only half a thigh, and was fitted with a X3 prosthetic leg. She took some time at our facility to train herself with the leg, and to get to know us.

Page 9
Note 1: She is now 28 years old.
Note 2: She is going to Haven, New England.
She has learned many things with us, and we have learned many things about her. We are now releasing her, and She told us she was planning to go to Haven, New England. We are going to keep a close eye on her, but until further notice, we shall not interfere.

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