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Eve Rosenberg

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Original code by Juliet, modified by Sparrow and then re-modified by Salvation to create a full collage. Model for Eve is Carolina Porqueddu.

a twiggy blonde sporting gold-rimmed glasses

A golden collar encircles her neck, locked with the Seal of Solomon.

The only daughter of three children born to the Rosenberg family, Eve was treated well by her parents and older brothers. Raised Jewish, like her father and mother before her, she's done Passover and Rosh Hashana, and had her Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Jewish Reform age of 13. Though she no longer practices many of the Jewish traditions she was born into, she still holds a healthy respect for what her parents believe, even if growing up has shaken her faith in many aspects.

A nail technician with a Bachelor's in interior design, Eve Rosenberg has moved back to Haven properly after she and her friend opened a salon in nearby Boston, living in an apartment on Elm Street while pursuing her own interests in business. A classically empathetic natural, she enjoys being around large groups of people – even if it might land her in trouble sometimes.

Order Librarian
Typical Angelborn
Interim Warden

Brands Removed

Raincoat Games #4 – 10/21-10/31, 2018
30 years after Et-Aral conquered Earth, the demon known as Eve tried to hold on to her angelic roots. She was a healer, a counselor, a confidante; in the parking lot of the Elm Street Apartments, a refugee camp for the families and warriors of the demon armies, she kept peace and comfort. Taking no allegiance, she was known to consort with Mr. Worthington and Mr. Witter – the former a comfort to her as she comforted others.

I'm gonna fight for what's right.
Today I'm speaking my mind.
And if it kills me tonight?
I will be ready to die.

Raincoat Games #3 – 10/7-10/10, 2018
Aboard the Sanctuary, Eve Rosenberg was known as a member of Schrodinger Macrotechnology, head of their sales and acquisitions – shrewd and focused solely on ensuring their cargo arrived alive (but not unscathed) at Haven Galactic Penitentiary. After the 10th, she couldn't be found aboard the ship.

Life is not about giving in to what we can be;
It's deciding what we want to be.

Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence.

"Ah, Eve... pretty sure you weren't born in time to save me. Sweet girl though." - Scott

"I don't... deserve your worry. Not in the Before. Not now. I am not... a hero. I couldn't save my family. Much less anyone else." - Witter

"You did far more for the people of District One than I ever could." - Mister Worthington

"You have no idea how glad I am to have you in the Order. I might be the Sword, and Sir the Shield, but you are the heart." - Briar

"I appreciate the talk, Miss. Its hard all the time feeling like I'm alone. I'm gonna do my best not to let you down." - Arthur

"You'll learn eventually. Just like the rest of the world." - Renfield

"I've been thinking about you today..." - Colin

"I will make sure you all live through this. Even if it kills me. I will never be able to wash the blood from my hands. But the world is better with all of you." - Sheriff(?) Warden Witter

"Sounds like you've had a rough go of it. Let's hope things get smoother from here, we can't give up hope." - Glenn

"I'm afraid you're the misguided one, Miss Rosenburg. It's alright -- I forgive you for that. You're very young." - Mister Schrodinger

"Tranquil. Malakhim. Project Fenrir. Et Aral. Not again. No more catching this town off guard again- I've got to- this will help alleviate some of what will be thrown our way." - Old Man Witter

"It only burned a little, and the pain never stays for long, that's one of the perks of being me I guess? Over and done, on to the next. Thank you though, it's hard to not know you need saving until too late." - Gabby

"yo thx for all the advice and help n stuff, ur pretty cool" - Special K