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Evelynn Sullivan

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Evelynn Sullivan

(¯`·._.·Creature Of The Night·._.·´¯)



+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Loaned out to the Hand by the Vampire Court almost half a decade ago, Evelynn is a dark magic arcanist and killer, she has no moral qualms about hunting down any type of prey for her own personal pleasure, but more often for business.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

As a loan to the Hand, Evelynn is passed over for promotions and preferential treatment. She is expendable and there is no agreement to return her in one piece, nor an end date to her service to the Hand

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Evelynn is a horror. If she meets a worse one she may just welcome the sweet release of real death.

RP Hooks and Abilities

ø Arcanist

ø Killer

Adept with Dark magic, she has many tools to complete her task

Used an Assassin by the Hand and Court. Evelynn is a killer at heart.

ø Emotionally stunted

ø Stalker

Evelynn hasn't had a real family for nearly a century and can't very well hold a relationship without a heart.

She might just be watching you.


"Comment." - Said Character?

"Comment." - Said Character?

"Comment." - Said Character?