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Ewen Spilsbury

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Name: Doctor Ewen Spilsbury

Archetype: Blackfield Institute Staff

Faction: Blackfield Institute

Occupation: Professor of Sentient Biology, Attending Physician

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+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Shortly after the fire there was a call for new staff to replenish and rebuild the Blackfield Institute in Haven. Ewen, recently hired away from the Tyrell Corporation, came to Haven to continue his research into mental manipulation and other cognitive brain research. With him has come his sister, Harper, who looks and acts nothing like him and is probably adopted.

After some time, Harper grew disillusioned with the Institute and left to go work at another branch, away from Haven and the politics there. Ewen slowly rose through the ranks and is now one of the most trusted, and senior, Physicians in the Institute and the college's resident Sentient Biology professor. He still substitutes in the academy from time to time, as his services are needed.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

As a member of Blackfield’s Staff, he works quite closely with Dr. Schmidt, Professor Byrne, Dr. Granson, and Dr. Zemyakov viewing them as his family in some places.

Distrusting of the outside world, he cares not for outsiders or the affairs beyond the gates of Blackfield, and limits contact with all but a select few and only in the most dire of circumstances.

His work in the Clinic is something of a different manner. Not a true sadist, he has been known to threaten, and succeed, thus rendering the more unruly patients docile through experimental, and probably slightly unethical, means. He firmly believes, however, he is doing good work and will be seen as the protector of the broken in due time.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Most villains are seen as hindrances to the true cause of the Institute and not to be feared unless they make a direct threat against the defenses of his sacred abode. He fears a greater authority, and is most loyal to The Headmaster. Her desires are his orders and he strives to accomplish them with punctuality and fervor. To this end he very much views the students and patients as Backfield assets that need to be protected and nurtured.

RP Hooks

ø Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether - Anything related to medicine or mental care he will help with. Even the most dangerous of criminals can find succor in his clinic, but that doesn't mean he won't have his fun.

ø The Fall of the House of Usher - Family is family, and nothing stands between him and his family. Perhaps the only thing is truly willing to die for is family.

ø A Dream Within a Dream - Ewen's research into the mind often has him wandering the Dreamscape, both in the Nightmare and the dream worlds.

ø Some Words with a Mummy - Being the Sentient Biology professor makes him one of the foremost experts in the field of identifying supernaturals in Haven. That doesn't mean knows everything, and research and experimentation area always required.


"Don't try to guess what it is he wants. Doctor Spilsbury rarely -wants- anything, but he does want you to sacrifice something to get what -you- want." - Katyushka

"Thank you, doctor. That test was certainly something else." - Dalton

"Don't you try to be an hero, Ewen, that won't help you protect what you want. Besides, I need you - alive." - Miss Smith

"You should've taken me up on the carrot, Doctor Love. Some day soon, we're going to see how well you take the stick." - Bonnie

"A promising protégé." - Doctor Schmidt

"I've never had one of his classes, but he's handsome." - Kim Shanks

"I can't say whether or not that's true, but if he ever actually keeps an appointment with me, I'll let you know." - Fatima

"You didn't think I would leave you out, did you?" - Doctor Cherenkov

"Oh, of course. Is it your first time at the Den of Lust?" - Graanthe

"You -wound- me Ewen. I thought we had something special you and I." - Luc

"Every interaction with you makes it that much more clear that Harper not only received the lion's share of beauty, but apparently intelligence and common sense as well." - Dalton Derrion

"“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” -Shakespeare " - Dr. Zmeyakov

"Let's get back to work." - Doctor Schmidt

"Do I look like I want your fucking drugs you crackpot snake-oil salesman! " - Mata

"I definitely knew how to find the orbit of a geosynchronous satellite, I swear." - Gale

"I will do my best to be at your next class, Professor. I am eager to learn." - Stellar