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Farrah Elliott

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Have you seen this girl?

Name: Farrah Elliott

Gender: Female

Birthdate: January 13th 1998 Birthdays are for little girls. I'm not your little girl anymore, Dad.

Last seen: Rotary Park on June 2nd, 2016 Puh-lease. I didn't even make it there.

Appearance: Caucasian teen around 5'5 and 112lbs. Brown eyes and brown hair reaching to mid-back. 18 years old. Last seen in a white summer dress and denim jacket. My hair's cut and I'm older now! Also dresses are impractical and cold.

If you have any information or seen Farrah, please contact the police immediately. GO AWAY & MIND UR OWN BIZ!


Nutcase: I mean. Not really. She's quite normal...until she talks to chairs. And poles and air. Even if you call a psychic over, 90% of the times, there's really just nothing. Maybe her imagination is just too strong, but there's also that 10% when there actually is something. What is real and what isn't?

Liar: She doesn't evade questions. Why should there be a need to when you just answer with what you're feeling at the moment? She's made up so many lies, she sometimes wonders what the truth really is herself.

Carefree: Don't like her lies? Call her a liar, so what. An outcast? She'll wear the title like a badge. She does what she wants unashamedly. Whatever makes her feel free. Maybe it's a bad thing though...Having no morals and principles to live by.

Morbid A Little...Strange: She's not the type to fire off questions about death and obsess over it, but there's something about graves that she can find solace and feel at ease. And there's just something so...thrilling and fascinating about blood and violence.

Vices: Living life as a wandering bum really makes you enviously watch others climb to success. And when you're offered the chance to steal it, who wouldn't want to grab at it greedily? And afterwards, can you really be blamed to just bask in your wins like a sloth?


"Use your own pen. Mine's all chewed up. Also. It's mine." - Me

"Best Roomie/Bestfriend/Cousin ever. You got my back girl, means you'll always have one foot safely in the grave." - Cuz