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Faye Andreas

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Faye Andreas, The Blood of Skadi

The Past

It took 30 years for Faye Andreas to make anything of herself, and even then, that remains to be seen. Growing up in Southern California was ripe with opportunity, but none she ever seized on. She always wanted to be a star, but acting never took her anywhere, singing never took her anywhere. She wasn't pretty enough to model. It seemed as though no matter what she tried, there were 30 more better at it than her in the audition waiting room. California gave her nothing. From there she went to Nevada, to Vegas, to try and make herself a lesser fame. Again, she failed. It was in her early twenties that she developed the disease-- something rare that doctors could only ever classify as diabetic cyanotic anemia, and even that wasn't entirely correct. Her skin lost all color, at first, before developing blue patches, most notably in places that should receive rich bloodflow, but didn't, or received heavily deoxygenated bloodflow. Her lips, extremeties, eyelids... Soon enough they were all shades of cool. The color in her hair went next, and then, ever worsening, she developed powdery blue patches all over her body. The fame she'd hungered for, she finally achieved in the worst way. She became an anomaly in the medical world. Eyes suddenly gravitated toward her in the street. As depressing as it was, it was an opportunity she seized, and she built a small Twitch streaming channel, playing games and displaying her blueness for all. Still, it wasn't what she wanted.

The Present

Eventually she got wind of a famous plastic surgeon who lived in Haven, Massachusetts, and moved there. Then again, would she have anything for her fame to stand on, if she weren't the blue woman?

She hasn't visited him.

Instead, Faye, noticing a lack of dedicated arcades, other than some rinky-dink basement collection underneath an abandoned comic store, built a true recreation hall named the Bluemeadow Club, a play on the name of the establishment across the street known as the Blackfield Institute. Aiming to be the antithesis of that Institute, which seemed to suck the souls out of its staff and clientele alike, she made the Bluemeadow Club a place for fun. Equipped with a skating rink, arcade, and a gymnastics area complete with a rock climbing wall, it's the only place in town with any real entertainment options beyond getting drunk with the local demonspawn.

Faye's introduction to the supernatural was abrupt in that she was attacked, and almost afflicted, by a renegade werewolf whose identity she never really learned. Following a quick and surprisingly easy investigation into the supernatural, she came into contact with Briar Holiday, who introduced her to the supernatural world and inducted her into the Order. This, however, never sated Faye's thirst for more information, and she spent weeks buried in books, trying to learn something, anything, about herself, so that she might learn what was wrong with her. So that she might find a cure. She learned something, which may have been coincidental, but it was her only hope at moving forward. She was a very, very distant descendant of the Norse gods Skadi and Njord, and potentially someone of capability herself, if she put in the work... and got lucky.

The Future

All of her information mongering had to turn up something, and so it did. Yshil Jarlsson, who was a human once, had left in the Goblin Market archives a poetic account of his ascendance, how he became a full- fledged member of Norse demigod society in Northgard in the Godrealms. Was it by sheer luck, or fate that Faye stumbled upon this particular odyssey in her search? Detailing a pilgrimage of six temples, where his merit and his dedication were tested, Yshil laid the groundwork for any who might follow in his footsteps.

Faye intends to. She's mapped her expeditions, and through the same pilgrimages, she hopes to awaken the blood of the Norse gods that pulses ever-so-faintly at the bottom of their line... In her. If only one drop exists to contaminate the rest, she will isolate and nurture it, until it blooms, and she blooms, and she finally achieves, as many in Haven strive to achieve...


Nightmares & Secrets

Faye harbors her own tortured thoughts. Unlike many of her Havenite peers, however, she chooses to bottle them up rather than impose them on any likely victim who meanders by. This bottling has darkened her psychic energy to the point where she has come to have a powerful grip on the Fallen Kingdom of Doroth, in the Haven dreamscape. It is there she does her damage to the poor, wretched souls who come under her jurisdiction as the Traitor Queen.


"You have my blessing then, daughter of Skadi." - Gale

"Awful name to be stuck with in this world." - Cynthia

"I'm confident that you'll grow in time." - Gale

"Knowledge, young padawan. It comes in time." - Cynthia

"I believe you needed a little help? Sorry I'm a little late." - Briar

"You're going to turn her into a legitimate danger as well?" - Vakhtang

"We need to figure out a way to get you healthier. I'm not sure you've the stamina or fortitude for any serious training as-is." - Ardan

"I may beat your lesson into you about self defense if you'd like. Figured you'd need a bit of help." - Natalie