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Guy Montblanc

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(¯`·._.· Fleshformer ø Ghost ø Sorcerer ·._.·´¯)

Dr. Guy Montblanc

(¯`·._.· "Trust me, I am the Doctor here." ·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.· "In Vino Veritas." ·._.·´¯)


+What Is He Doing in Haven+

Whatever he wants, usually. Figuring that out before he does it is the trick.

+Where Does He fit in a Supernatural World+

He fits into many places, most of them veiled in shadows or moon light.

+How Does He Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

By embracing and enjoying every moment he spends spreading those horrors.

Gender Male, usually, but not always
Birth Date A long, long time ago...
Birth Place North of the Alps, near the Rhine
Society The Faceless Ones
Associaton The Black Circle
Description (latest?) an obsidian-dark woman with majestic bearing

RP Hooks and Abilities

The Many Faces of Doctor Montblanc

ø Fleshforming Artist

He employs the Art of Fleshforming for both his income and as a primary means of achieving his ends and goals. He approaches this like artwork, molding an image in his mind into the flesh of his client/patient/victim. And he is willing to use this Art for or against others, for a price.

ø The Sanguine Sorcerer

The only record of his existence in the Black Circle Records is under this title. He is possibly the only known Sorcerer that 'directly' uses blood in the same way as others use fire, ice, lightning, and darkness.

ø Charming and Courteous

If he is being respected, he will go to great lengths to return that respect, until such time that he deems the recipient no longer worthy.

ø Doctor Who

Does he know who David Tennant is? No.

Does he know he is wearing David Tennant's face? No.

If he finds who put the bumper sticker on his car though...

ø Suicidal Apprentice Wanted

He has a reputation related to apprentices, namely, he has killed dozens of them. He has only had one successful apprentice, and he may be open to terro... teaching a new one.


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"Comment." - Said Character

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