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As a local and vampire, Jolene has been a common face on Haven's streets for twenty years. Any charitable soul will remember at one point or the other giving Jolene cash on the side of the street to try and help her. It is only recently that Jolene has attempted to uplift herself and become a normal member of society.

Where She Grew up

Jolene grew up in Haven's trailer park with her mom for the beginning fourteen years of her life, by all accounts of the locals her mother was a crack addicted whore and did not provide well for Jolene.

Turned Young

Jolene was turned into a vampire at the age of fourteen by a pathetic, overly ambitious vampire who was trying to create a loyal group of underlings. Jolene's sire was promptly executed by the local Vampires, Jolene was spared to go to Blackfield Academy to become a productive vampire. Jolene faces a constant struggle of being twenty years old but stuck in the body of a girl who never went through normal puberty, coupled with a fear of fleshforming and an inability to gain weight she seems destined to be trapped in a body she doesn't like.

Blackfield Academy

Jolene did very poorly in blackfield, she rebelled constantly against her teachers and was unhappy being an eighteen year old in a fourteen year old body, preventing her from graduating. Jolene failed to graduate and instead used ritual magic to age herself beyond eighteen where Blackfield's wards had no more power over her.


Jolene's escape black from Blackfield was to fall in with the goth kids and from them learn ritualism. With this new found power Jolene aged herself out of the school and continues to utilize those skills in life.


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