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Morgana Lafayette

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Morgana Lafayette

"Knowledge is power. Do you want to be powerless?"

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date November 1st, 501
Birth Place Britain
Faction The Hand
Association The Coven
Description a short, svelte, regal lady with black hair


Travels Through Time

Before Time Interfered: Morgana was certainly known by a variety of names and for a spectrum of reasons. She might even tell you about them if you ask nicely. Unfortunately, few are alive still that remember her directly, and most of them are hypernatural and unlikely to remember her, much less care enough to speak on the topic.

2017: The Covens of London were quite happy to meet the woman that would become known as Morgana Lafayette. She purposely did not make many waves while there, wanting to adjust to this place before getting into more trouble than she could handle.

To Haven, 2018: Morgana is a naturally curious being, and she heard about a place with other worlds. She has always dreamed of other worlds, studied the stars, and so she made plans to go to Haven. To explore, to satiate her curiosity, find meaning in this place.

The Sanctuary, 2018: Morgana was aboard this ship for its space adventure. She remembers it vividly, her history and all the way to her final end. She believes this was a gift, and she has elected to learn as much as she can from it.

Supernatural/Horror/Weirdness: More often than not, Morgana is a cause of minor horror and weirdness, even if she hides it beneath a veneer of polite detachment. Though she firmly believes most hypernatural threats are beyond her, she will join others to face them when needed.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Morgan le Fay - Ask her about that. If you dare.

Space - She studied astronomy -before- she went to space.

History - While she has gaps, she will happily recount her personal portion of history.

Teacher - Fairly educated, if dated, she is willing to impart that knowledge on youths.


Magic - She is a skilled practitioner and does not hide the fact.

Hypnotism - She will meet your gaze, unafraid.

Regeneration - She is not afraid to get hurt.

Night Vision - Like so many creatures of the night, she can perceive in darkness.

Other Stats

Vice and Sin / Virtues / Play List




Heavily suppressed


Very not suppressed




She does not lie, directly.


She has manners ingrained into her soul.


"Miss Lafayette? She's not scary really. Which is why you ought to be scared in my opinion. Looking forward to working with her." - Scott

"I do not know her well enough to form an opinion. But she does give great history classes. Keeping the attention of youngsters is not an easy task. Yet she did it phemomenally." - Alexnder

"Comment." - Author