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Odette Sweet

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IV: Nightmares and Secrets

Odette Sweet

Wealthy, green-thumbed Odette Sweet was born during the mid-1990s to a family of money. She has no siblings. She never attended higher education. How she became a member of the Democratic Party of Massachusetts, beyond simply being a voter, has never fully come to light.


Personality – ESTJ: The Executive

Marina & the Diamonds
When you give:
I want more, more, more
I wanna be adored.


to break your teeth on love

The Platform

Regarding recreational drugs:

“Felix encourages responsible use of any legal recreational drugs available. He sees no reason light recreational drugs in the vein of psilocybin mushrooms and ecstasy should not be legalized, provided rules are put in place regarding their growth and regulating the equipment, sanitation and quality of anything created synthetically. Hard drugs will never be backed by Felix: the prevalence of hard drugs flooded through the United States by deplorable men and women looking to take advantage of our citizens needs to stop, for the sanctity and safety of the American people.”

Regarding drinking age:

“The human brain isn't developed fully until the early twenties. We don't believe that lowering the drinking age to reflect other countries' decisions, or to mimic things such as enlisting in the army and voting, would benefit the American youth or do them any favors. Instead, Felix feels that we would benefit from stabilizing where Adulthood – as a life stage based on when you have access to certain rights and responsibilities within the United States – begins by bringing things like the age of enlistment and voting up to twenty-one. Thrusting our young adults into the world without the benefit of improved education regarding these choices is irresponsible on our part, and raising the age requirement on these things would afford them a chance to explore the world post-school before having to make serious decisions about their future.”

Regarding the age of consent:

“Sex is a normal part of human interaction, and we shouldn't condemn it the way that we do. Instead, we should be encouraging better education on safe sex practices and healthy sexual relationships – particularly as our children enter into their teenage years. The age of consent in Massachusetts is sixteen, which mirrors the Federal age of consent – but Felix feels this creates an uncomfortable tolerance for preying on young men and women still in school, where they're surrounded by social pressures as it is. Raising the age of consent in Massachusetts to eighteen, and providing fully funded Sexual Education courses in high school – ones that don't promote abstinence as the best option – will do a great deal in improving sex-positivity in America.”

Kiss and Control.

Mathieu Beaulieu

Archetype: Veteran Werewolf [Lunacy Embracer]
Date of Birth: November 18th, 1984

Matthieu is a surly werewolf with a fondness of old cars and money. He does tasks for Odette so she keeps paying him – be it securing items for her personal use, or babysitting people she sends out to procure things for her. He's not especially friendly, but he enjoys the company of faeborn females, even if magic makes him uncomfortable.

Lady Gaga
'cause we've got a taste for:
champagne & endless fortune.

What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness.

Leo Tolstoy


1769 – Remaketse is born in the Rozwi Empire after a God Child enraptured her human mother.
1820 – Known by the Igbo people of western Africa as Ebele, she claims dominion over uncolonized land between Nigeria and the Congo. She offers her worshipers prosperity in exchange for devotion. In this time, she births two children from separate pregnancies: a daughter named Adaeze and a son named Ikenna.
1920 – Anisah, an emigrant to Morocco, marries a wealthy citizen in a whirlwind engagement. His family is concerned at the abruptness.
1930 – Following the death of her husband, Anisah emigrates to the United States.
1968 – In the wake of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, Beckah Vries joins the Black Panther to fight against racially-motivated police brutality.
1994 – Odette Sweet is born.
2014 – Theodore von Knorr takes Odette's name when they marry in a lavish wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2018 – Odette Sweet joins the Democratic Party of Massachusetts.
2019 – Theodore Sweet goes missing following the collapse of his hotel in Las Vegas. Odette and several guests were trapped in the wreckage, injuring several. She survives.

Nightmare Of You
Cut out your lying tongue,
and we'll call this a tie.

Gods will fall
But we will


seduce & destroy