• High School Sciences

    Chemistry, Biology, Lab Etiquette & Safety. What was a remedial course for Winter Break has spiralled into an ongoing lab course for Blackfield Academy's brightest pupils.

    Languages: Russian I, II & Latin I, II

    A Secondary language is required for Blackfield's Arts programs. Rumors around campus go that despite his best efforts, no student has as of yet been able to grasp the polyglot's manic teaching style.

    Western Civilization — Greco-Roman Syncretism

    A guided thought experiment into the reflections of Gods, the ramifications of Theophanies, the innate jealousy of Divine beings, and concepts of Ego parallelism: this lecture course explores humanity's common emotional ties with the Divines of Greco-Roman Mythology.

    Medical Tutoring

    Having crossed paths with a few fellow medical students during his time on campus, Paul has gathered a reputation for his hands-on style of private tutoring. He can be contacted at 712-4575 for scheduling.

  • "Here's the thing. Take your scalpel, like this: like a crayon. And all you're doing, is you're just coloring a neat little line down this stomach, here. Just like that — good! Peel that back, and we're onto the sternum..."

    Paul is the type of man to wear many hats. Foremost: he's an intern in Blackfield's Clinic, sponsored and pursuing an education at nearby Brown University through the program. When he's not studying or sanitizing, he's entertaining work-study occupations on Haven's Technical College and Blackfield's Academy. Only a single step ahead in life from his wards, he spends his time dissecting the nasty rumors that haunt him involving conversations and interactions he has with the individuals in private — completely unfounded, he'd tell you.

    Coming from his own small backwoods town deep in the swamps of Carolina, Paul ran himself northwards on a promised scholarship by the Blackfield Group for a myriad of reasons: chief among them being his Supernatural awareness. Paul is focused on making roots in Massachusetts; and now, he has a wife and adopted daughter to show for it.

    Picking up a trick he learned from his graduate studies in Brown, Paul is constantly pushing his mental means, using and abusing all manner of prototypical amphetamines to get the edge on his supernatural counterparts. This gives him a certain mania when his internal chemistry comes unhinged, and leads to an appearance of dual personalities. While it's certainly no legal excuse, the student has come to rely on it in explaining his periods of unglued moral character.

    Now in the final stretch of Graduate School, the psychologist's Ph. D has never been closer. With his bloodshot eyes on the stars, the pursuit of knowledge both mundane and arcane drives him to make the most out of his privileged place amongst Haven's Academia.

  • Name: Paul Granson
    Intro: a dirty-blonde, donnish young man
    Birthdate: April 10th, 1994
    Age: 24
    Archetype: Blackfield Staff
    Society: Blackfield Institute
    Occupation: Acting Headmaster:
     Senior Clinician, Blackfield Clinic
      Adjunct Professor, Blackfield Technical College
       Science Instructor, Blackfield Academy
    Education: MD–PhD, Biotechnology.
     MS, Behavioral and Social Health Sciences
      BS, Psychology
       AA, Liberal Arts — Drama Concentration 

  • Purple Yellow Red & Blue

    All that I needed was something to believe in.
    'Cause everything just falls in place like that.

    Brain Damage

    You raise the blade, you make the change.
    You rearrange me 'til I'm sane.

    Lit Me Up

    It's where you live, but you don't know how it's built
    If we're just dust, then it doesn't matter who you kill
    Don't cut me up and tell me that it's ok
    Just turn it off 'cause I don't care anyway

    I'm Not Human At All

    It's not your fault. It's my own fault.
    I'm not human at all. I have no heart.

    Unchained Melody

    Time goes by so slowly.
    And time can do so much.
    Are you still mine?