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Rodrigo Velazquez

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Special Deputy Rodrigo Velazquez

"Do you have a crime to report!?"

Character Info

Gender Hombre
Birth Date April 20th, 1982
Birth Place Cuba
Faction Haven Sheriff Department
Association -
Description a latino adult male with black hair and brown eyes



Life of a cop in the National Revolutionary Police of Cuba aint' easy. You have to deal with tourists, political dissidents, drug traffickers, and the inner power struggles of the force.

But all that is like a dream of a distant tropical summer. Something happened. Something snapped. Rodrigo left. Let his home and his life behind, and ventured to the uncertain land called the United States. The Empire.

He arrived totally, completely unaware. And that is changing, for good or ill, very fast.


Rodrigo patrols the streets of Haven with a cheerful, at times borderline hysterical demeanor. Apparently unaffiliated, he slips through the cracks of societies uncertaingly, beneath much notice -- aware of how easy it is for a lone man to be crushed. He serves with deputies Joan Maeda and Jericho Witter.

RP Hooks

His cuban wife is dead. He doesn't talk about it.

Loyalty buys loyalty.

Stand up for the little guy.

His catholic faith is cracked and strained. It haunts him.

Other Stats

Vice and Sin / Virtues / Play List



Sin One

Expression One

Sin Two

Expression Two



Virtue One

Expression One

Virtue Two

Expression Two

Play List

Estadio Azteca: The lonesome path

The Golde Age: The scorched past

Hit me: And now I'm gonna hit you back


"Welcome to the HSD, deputy. Stick with me and ya might survive. Then again. Probably not." - "Sheriff"