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Sanaa Hassani

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Sanaa Hassani

Wonder if all the stars have to go through this kind of shit. And people think Hollywood is fucked up.

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date March, 28th 1999
Birth Place North Carolina, USA
Faction Nah fam.
Association Whoever I wanna be associated with?
Description a petite African American woman with kinky curls


A Coming of Age Tale

Sanaa was born out in North Carolina in a rural country town. Her mother's name was Laila and her father's name was Malik, two people that didn't think about what the future would hold ahead. They lived their life to the fullest until Sanaa's conception forced them to elope in Vegas and return to try to be some semblance of a normal family. It went well aside from the occasional fight and bickering when things were tight at home, they were together and Sanaa was healthy, so that was all that they could ask for. When Sanaa was only six, however, a home invasion led to their deaths and she was forced to live with her uncle in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up she was fairly spunky and carefree, but the loss of her parents coupled with falling into the wrong crowds led to a shift in her personality.

She began to defy people's authority more and more as time went on and picked up many self-destructive tendencies. Despite many therapists best efforts, they could not find a way that helped her truly cope with the loss and anxiety she felt. The closest thing to a success was Sanaa's love for music, which she ended up picking up early on in Highschool. She learned to play the bass guitar and ended up dreaming of living the life of a rock star that could do whatever they wanted when they wanted. It went well enough, she and some kids from school left with big aspirations and played a number of small-town venues. It was about that time that Sanaa started to drink heavily and self-medicated with a number of drugs. A little over a year ago she ended up meeting Jayden Kennedy, an old graying talent agent that was looking for clients and saw potential in her. He helped her book gigs and tried to keep her on track to the dream she desired despite his many problems back at home and his own struggles with addiction.

Recently, he had heard word of a gig around the Boston area and drove out with her to check it out. Following a night's stay in Haven, Jayden left the little bed and breakfast they were staying in leaving Sanaa alone. Now she's trying to figure out what happened to him and trying to keep living her life in the process. Blind to the secrets of the little town she generally doesn't have to think about the problems of Haven and when she does she tries to cope through keeping herself busy through music or activism or spending time with the few people she can call her friends.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Bassist and Vocals - Sanaa can play the bass pretty well through her years of intense practice and she is still trying to keep improving to this day. She doesn't have a bad set of pipes either but often chooses to focus on improving the quality of her screams and deep growls. She favors metal, but is open to exploring and tinkering with many genres.

Recovering Addict - Sanaa has tried to come clean off of her drug addictions many times but most often ends up falling back into her same routines when the going is tough. She tries to focus on the ones that probably aren't that damaging in the short term like alcohol and weed, but she's been on the harder sign of the line and enjoys the high heroin offer. She's in the middle of a clean streak, but no telling how long it will last. The jitters in her voice are often a side-effect of her sobriety and make her sound constantly nervous whether or not she has reason to be.

Hates Authority - When it comes to the law Sanaa has never seen eye to eye with them. When she was a kid it was easier to just turn her nose up at them and walk away. This attitude has changed since she was seized and thrown into a Juvenile Detention Center. Now, she has seen too many times where the cops get in over their heads and someone ends up getting maimed and killed. Her distrust has been tempered with a healthy fear which is enough to motivate her to be compliant with the laws these days.

Extrovert but Short Fuse - Sanaa gets along with everyone pretty well and generally tries to be as friendly as she can when around new people. She's the kind of person that enjoys having a lot of friends that she can hang and enjoy life with. But sometimes people find the way she speaks and her generally casual fed-up aggression that can sneak its way through in heated topics off-putting. She also likes to sprinkle in a healthy amount of cuss words in her everyday talk which some people disapprove of.


Can shoot okay - She ended up stealing her father's old revolver from her grandparent's place and there have been a couple of times where she's had to use it. She isn't the sharpest shot by any means, but she isn't completely stupid when handed a pistol.

Sneaky enough - She's all about trying to blend into a crowd and trying not to stand out too much. That was the easiest way to avoid getting called out and potentially arrested. This comes in handy for when she doesn't want to be noticed and she's not afraid to climb up a tree, dive in a bush, or loiter in the shadows if it means that she might escape some trouble.

Ex Thief - At Sanaa's lowest points she had gotten used to taking whatever she wanted when she thought she could get away with it. She ended up learning out to get around a lock so she could squat in a house or break into a car when she noticed that some careless person left something valuable in plain sight. She still remembers how to do these things, but these days she's only a danger to herself and tends to stay away from theft.

A Strange Feeling - When she first arrived there was a time that, like many others could then, Sanaa had to get used to remembering or seeing things she couldn't explain. While the worst of it has subsided, she's been starting to notice some strange relapses that she's been trying to keep a secret.

Other Stats

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She enjoys living the high life and is at her most content when she is enjoying a drug that will take her far away from the stress and concerns of the world. Out there she feels disconnected from her life and doesn't have to worry about letting other people investing their time in her down.


Try as Sanaa might when it comes to taking the peaceful way most of the time, she is often subject to delving into ranting raves fueled with anger and frustration. Sometimes these words of frustration get her into more trouble than they're worth. In extreme circumstances, Sanaa isn't afraid of returning violence with violence and will try to lash out if she feels threatened.




Sanaa's pretty generally a very generous person. She doesn't care about giving things away especially if it's for a good cause, and she's the kind of person that would give you the shirt off her own back if you were in trouble. Her home is a place where her friends can come to if they need to get away or just need a place to crash.


As many times as Sanaa has failed and been burnt by the people in her life, she hasn't lost hope that tomorrow is probably going to be better. It's what gives her the drive to keep trying to better herself for the people around her, and it's what helps her steady herself to be prepared to comfort people when they end up suffering.


"Ninety-nine percent of the time, doing shit for the greater good sucks. It sucks hard. That one percent? That's when it gets kind of fun." - Teresa

"I don't think I'll ever live down the shame for what I did, but it means a lot that you cared enough to help me out, even when my behaviour was grotesque. I'll look out for you, Sanaa. Humans got to stick together, and you and I especially in this political climate." - Seye Aniefiok

"At first, I didn't think you'd last a week. Now, I think I'm happy to see you still hanging around. Don't die or nothing, alright?" - Rose

"Here's to the next sacrifice failing to make the world a better place for anyone - that's what you said to me. Here's to hoping you're wrong, all things considered." - A Blue-haired Ghost