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Siobhan Gravina

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Siobhan Kennedy Gravina

Name: Siobhan Kennedy Gravina.
Birthdate: June 28, 1993.
Occupation: Data Analyst & Investor.
Family: She lives with her husband, Nicholas Gravina, and their son Liam. Also in town is her brother, Travis Kennedy, and supposedly an aunt.
Themesong: Darkest Hour

What I'm Doing to Haven

Originally in Haven only as support for her first husband, and working on a contract only basis for the Hand, Siobhan has transitioned to a full member of the organization and works almost extensively with them. She still maintains her business dealings in the mundane world, however, balancing that with her duties as Vice President of the Hand's Haven chapter, and her new role as a mother.

What Haven is Doing to Me

When she arrived in Haven, she was a sometimes-sweet, always no-nonsense young woman with an affinity for making friends and going out of her way to be helpful - at least to those in the Hand. In the past year, she's grown colder and more insular. Her friend circle has tightened and she's no longer seen out socializing as much as she once did.

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"Haven is 5% less interesting now." - Sua

"I'm coming to Rome. I need baby kisses" - Sammy

"She makes some cute kiddos!" - Xan

"A wonderful comment about Siobhan." - Name