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Wisteria Ward

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The squeal of the gears can't halt the machine.

RP Preferences

Yes Please

  • Antagonism
  • Slow-burn character development
  • Horror & violence

I Don't Mind...

  • Interactive detainment
  • Being your supportive sidekick

No Thanks

  • Texts that should have been scenes
  • Excessive OOC communication
  • Sex pests

NOTE: If you hit me with something you don't see on the list, that's OK! I'm very open to possibilities. If you end up doing something I don't like, I won't get up you for trying to engage with me. If you think our preferences are compatible, please come write a story with me!


Needles and pins, buttons and tins, knives and skins...

The Artist

Adam Hikmet

You have a surprisingly good grip on your knife. But will you ever learn where to use it on?


:sigh: I really wanted to be your friend. Oh well...


I'm not settling for that. I want a bigger cut!


A comment.

Maybe You?

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