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Agatha is a shy, pretty peasant with bright green eyes. A servant, she lost her home and her post when, during the fall of the Queendom, the family she served in died. Since then, she has been a survivor, one that finds hard to trust and does not seek to be trusted. Living mostly a solitary life, she has spent most of her days since doing nothing else than ensuring her survival.

RP Hooks

Servant - Having led the life of a servant since she was a small child, Agatha is in a sense lost in a world where she no longer serves, and instead survives.

Shy - Agatha will probably never start a conversation, and if there is a crowd nearby, she is probably seen walking in the opposite direction. She is friendly to those who manage to speak with her, however.

Smart - Having been a servant and being a quiet woman does not mean Agatha isn't smart and knowledgeable, on the contrary. It is often surprising what people do and say around her when it is so easy to forget she's there.


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