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Cynthia is a pale woman with dark curly hair. Adaline's daughter, she was born and raised in America, but then moved into London, where she worked as a nurse. She gave birth to Ella "Bella". Later, she was known to be living in Malifaux.

RP Hooks

Pain lover: There is so much pain where she chooses to dwell, that sometimes it's hard not to laugh.

Neverborn: (Almost?) always in her human form, it is easy for someone to miss out that Cynthia is a Neverborn. But even when she doesn't show it on the outside, Cynthia can be quite monstrous on the inside...

Purposeful: Whatever Cynthia has been doing in Malifaux, she has being doing it with an agenda. What that might be, is for anyone to guess... or try to find out.


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"Nullam finibus odio dui, ut lacinia ex consectetur vitae. Nunc eget auctor odio. Ut nec maximus orci, nec pretium justo. Phasellus sagittis lorem ante, vitae posuere ante efficitur nec." - Character?