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Ella Bella

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Ella "Bella" was the stage name of a relatively famous Inkwell Jazz singer. She wasn't always on Inkwell, and while her mother is American, she was born and lived in London as an infant. After a few years in the music trade, she seems to have disappeared, only to return, seemingly not one day older, on the 21st century. Not dwelling in the art world at all, she instead worked as a camp counsellor. Her age seeming to somehow regress instead of progress, she eventually couldn't pass by as a counsellor, and instead is now an high school senior in Haven High.

RP Hooks

Jazz Singer: From street singer to performing in bars, Ella "Bella" eventually got her name as she started surrounding herself with good Jazz musicians. Her shows started to attract a good crowd. "Record Label material", her voice figures in a few of the early days 78" recordings. Now that's in school and no one remembers the old Bella, Ella sings once again, earning the school a trophy once in a while.

Looker: Her good singing had already convinced the public that her shows shouldn't be what they used to: a bunch of drunk men shouting ugly pick-up lines towards the stage. Still, while people seemed to attend her shows to enjoy her singing, there's no doubt her good looks helped her to get a crowd.

Not a day older: Most of those who know Ella nowadays won't ever imagine how long ago was she born. Ella, herself, didn't speak about her "old life", being just a (quite private) camp counselor. As far as it is known, no one in Haven High suspects she isn't a seventeen years old girl.


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