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Born in Năsăud, Neacșa is as smart as she is eccentric. Taken under the wing of one of her tutors at an early age, relieving her parents of the burden of raising a loud mouthed girl, she was taught science and mechanics, and she started to apply it to the most traditional knowledge she had. Exquisite out of place outfits with little gadgetry was one of her more interesting past-times, even if she started also to dabble with robotics, her tutors' field of expertise.

It was when tragedy struck her life that she made the jump into adulthood. The death of her tutor didn't make Neacșa return to her parents, but instead to seek revenge. Her mostly prank outfits were turned into useful armor full of gadgetry, and her robotics used to build the guard she can't hire (and would possibly not bare to stand the company of for a long time, anyway). In time, she tracked the source of her loss, and she now lives in Troutback.

RP Hooks

Extrovert - The mildest way to put it, is to call Neacșa an extrovert. Maybe 'socially inapt' would be a better description, however. She'll tell you what she thinks, she won't show interest on what would be obvious, and will easily ignore a Lord if that means paying attention to the new form of lock one of his guards has. That is, until she figures out its flaws and designs a better lock in her head.

Tinkerer - It is not due to a fashion statement that she feels the need to make her own clothes. No, Neacșa is a tinkerer, but the designs to her inventions aren't drawn, they're all in her head. Don't be too surprised if you see her pulling a button from her weird coat, or is walking on the streets with a weird looking stick on her hand. Remember, however, that if she's going to use one of her gadgets, someone's probably end up feeling some pain.

Not alone - She doesn't have friends, only acquaintances. However, she's never alone: she built her own friend, a robot with human-like features that is always following her.


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