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I woke up, suddenly, startled, on the Beacon of Souls. I knew who I am, but I didn't remember whom I was. I knew everything, as much as I know how to write this words, and yet I also knew that someone, a part of me, was missing. So I started - or perhaps resumed - my search. I know I have left something behind. And I am determined to find it. In time, I came to better understand. Helping others is a great path to knowledge, and, blessed be the Moon, I learned how to use and travel it. I have made acquaintances, even friends, I have defended then and have been defended by them. I have lost, too, and saw them fall... and I also saw one of them rise, again. He woke up, suddenly, startled, on the Beacon of Souls. He knew who he was, but he didn't remember whom he was. I now know what has happened to me, and - I promise - I won't let that happen, ever again. Still, my search has not ended, I know I have left something behind. I want it back.

RP Hooks

Undead - Call them whatever you want. Sooner or later you will realize that many of those who walk in Doroth are alive today, but they have been dead. Ursula is one of those who knows that happened to her.

The Lunar Path - Blessed be the Moon, as they will provide us the answers we seek, the knowledge to seek them, the wisdom to use them. I pray under the Moon, and heal under its glow.

Friendly - Give her no reason to treat you as a foe, and she will probably take you as her friend. (Cross her, and you might soon forget you ever met her.)


"You think... it's... over... ...It will... never be over..." - Jack of Blades?

"I will have... my revenge..!" - Yefa, the Traitor Queen's pawn?

"Eiru. Not my name, but important. And lost, like all else." - Conor?