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 Hatti; Hitti; Hattai; Telipinu; Tilipinu; Telipinu; Talapinu; ...
 several millenia

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Mundane Myth

Telipinu | The Purilli Feast | Canis Lupus Hattai

"In the Hittite world, Telepinu was the son of the Hattic Storm God, the deity which later became an important god of Ḫatti. However, it is not clear whether Telepinu was also the son of the Sun Goddess of the city of Arinna, or of Ḫannaḫanna, the mother of all Hittite gods—including the Storm God, as noted by Galina Kellerman. Despite the potential ties with these goddesses and with the tutelary god of Ḫatti, Telepinu has not been easily placed in the Hittite pantheon, and this has led to very divergent hypotheses about his nature, as well as about his myth."

Supernatural History

(more available upon IC research)

Hitti was an important figure amongst the Hattians, but suffered some sort of loss of his powers during one of their wars, and after that happened, he spent some time in Egypt. Also called Hattai, he eventually returned to Hatti, with his powers recovering, and after proving himself he was raised to the status of God. His contributions to the progress of farming grant him the honorific name of 'Telipinu'.

A member of the Council of Babylon, Tilipinu was often not on the winning side of its decisions, but he was notably one of the proponents of the solution found for Sirinia around 1800 BCE, when it was decided to seal that world.

By 300 BC, Telipinu makes his name as a strong proponent to the Council's resolution of non-interference with mortal affairs. Retires from Earth in victory, but leaves with supporters in the newly founded council of Rome.


In 2023, the Missing Deity went missing, again - briefly, but it was enough to cause a small revolution on the Pact - and there are those connecting it to the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake.

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Prayer book

If you wish to pray, make an offering, ritual or a sacrifice dedicated to Hatti, you can do so by sending a note or a message. You can also send links to logs.


Anger of Telipinu, his temper, his sin and his vexation

should go away; the house should release him. The insider ......

should release him; the window should release him; the henge should [rele]ase [him], the interior

hall should release him, the gate of town should let him

The kind street should let him. To the orchard, the field, the vineyard or to the forest, he


Timesweeping Rite

In a forest where time is twisted and torn,
Shadows dance, and the moon's light is worn.
Clocks tick backward, stars dim and wane,
A chilling breeze whispers secrets arcane.

The trees whisper tales of forgotten years,
Echoing sorrows, and long-held fears.
A twisted path leads to the unknown,
Where past and present cease to be shown.

Mist hangs heavy, a spectral shroud,
Veiling the land in a ghostly crowd.
Footsteps echo from ages past,
Lost souls wandering, caught in a cast.

The owl's hoot sounds like a mournful cry,
As minutes and hours intertwine and fly.
A haunting melody floats on the air,
A dirge of time's unraveling despair.

Eerie laughter reverberates through the night,
As memories and moments take their flight.
Phantoms of the past, present, and yet to be,
Merge in a dance of spectral glee.

Beware the forest where time's threads fray,
For reality's grip starts to slip away.
In the midst of this eerie, endless night,
The boundaries of existence blur from sight.

A realm where yesterday meets tomorrow,
In a chilling symphony of joy and sorrow.
So tread carefully in this realm askew,
Lest Time's cruel grip ensnares you too.


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"Comment" - Said person?