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The Countess

Name: The Countess

Archetype: Fae

Faction: Court of Autumn

Occupation: Mistress of the Universe

Theme Song: Princes Of The Universe


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Trying to trace the path of the Countess through history is a bewildering endeavour, the stories of encounters with the Fae and being offered and being offered a chance for fame, fortune, love and glory are as countless as they are different. Now new stories are spreading about a mysterious woman, offering mortal men and women the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of her boons or worse, her attention.

+Attracting their attention+

Like most of her kind, the Countess suffers from the terrible affliction of boredom and what she craves is that which is fresh and interesting. Those attempting to make a shrine to the Countess would err in making it a place of adulation as she finds it dull, rather a shrine to the Countess should be a place that promises the potential for excitement. A place for people to take risks, a place for people to tell stories, to impress with boldness, skill and luck.

+What to expect from the Countess+

The Countess does not reward her followers, your worship and admiration will not move her heart, it will earn you neither boon nor protection because the Countess is not a God.

The Countess does not seek to ensnare mortals in deals beyond their understanding, your suffering will not move her heart because the Countess is not a Demon.

The Countess may be friendly but she is not your friend. The Countess may be lovely but she does not love you. The Countess may look human, but it's a hollow facade hiding an endless hunger.

Those who engage with the Countess are those who either enjoy the rush of uncertainty, those brave enough to take the risk to achieve what they desire or those who enjoy ensnaring others in her games for their own voyeuristic entertainment.

RP Hooks

ø Sample Encounter - https://pastebin.com/WRYweML1

ø One Hook - Patron of Desperate Gambits

ø Two Hook - Noble of the Court of Autumn

ø Red Hook - Gamemaster

ø Blue Hook - Description

Supernatural Outlook

ø Noteworthy Ability - Description

ø Noteworthy Ability - Description


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