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Name: El Shaddai
Archetype: God
Element: Fire

God of Fire

El has a mastery over fire that surpasses even the most practiced pyromancer. While this control over this powerful element is noted in the many religious texts dedicated to him, they in no way expand on why. Fire is a tool of Creation and the act of which with all one's body and soul is what brings the most attention from the god. Especially if you destroy it after.

God of Fear

Fear is what all monsters feed off of but this god does not necessarily feed from it. He is amused by it. The primal nature of it intrigues him to the point that he has used fear as a mechanism since his beginnings as a sorcerer. It is his secondary tool of control

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“Christ exposed Himself not only to the unbridled hostility of angry men, but, more significantly, to the unmitigated wrath of God.”

R. C. Sproul

“I don't understand how a being so powerful can be so petty and small. What do you get from hurting a young woman who thought of you as a friend until she loses her child? Smug satisfaction against the insane, broken thing of a man who imprisoned you?”


I sympathize with the need to break up the the monotony of an eternal life. We're more similar than you think.


“I still love you. But maybe that love means that I have to find a way to lock you away? We'll find a way to heal your mind, the priest and I. Even if it means making you small for a time.

It would not hurt even you to learn to live with less power.”